NAI Interactive Ltd. (NAI), established in 1998, is a leading market intelligence and investor relations service provider for fast growing public companies trading on the North American stock exchanges. Our goal is to serve as a bridge between public companies and Chinese investors, nurturing investor loyalty and form functional networks via our unique platform. Throughout the years, NAI has established itself as the most trusted firm in providing market insights to the Chinese investors. We strive to provide a more powerful platform for companies and investors to connect with each other. NAI500 2.0 is the ultimate solution – with 15+ years of experience, we are building a stronger platform at each step towards a tighter bond between public companies and Chinese investors around the world.


The 3 Strengths of NAI500

  • Extensive Experience in the Business
    With 15 years in the IR business, NAI excels in the field of investor relations and market intelligence. Our professional team is specialized in targeting companies and connecting promising opportunities with investors.
  • Comprehensive Coverage of the Market
    NAI hunts for investment opportunities from the perspective of an investor. Our extensive experience in the industry has helped build a vast network and ensures our access to the best market information in quantity and quality.
  • Precise Positioning
    Our expertise in aggregating and distributing information has made us one of the most trusted sources to obtain company updates and analysis that are most important and relevant to the investors.



  • What is NAI500?
    NAI500 is the leading market intelligence platform connecting North American public companies and Chinese investors, providing market insights and real-time updates for the users.
  • What is new in the NAI500 version 2.0?
    In addition to the 500 companies previously covered by NAI500, our new version features over 1200 companies from 7 distinctive sectors. This upgrade aims to offer a more comprehensive coverage in the market, while striving for better services for our global network of investors. NAI500 2.0 is also available on mobile phone and the popular Wechat platform for handy access to prompt market updates.
  • How does NAI500 stand out among other stock platforms and IR websites?
    Unlike other IR platforms on the internet, NAI puts the Chinese investors as our top priority. We are known as the one of the leading Chinese investor relations platforms in North America. Our 15 years of experience in the North American energy and mining sectors makes us an expert in aggregating information and analyzing market trends. Since our inception in 1999, NAI has been well trusted by Chinese investors in the US, Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and China.
  • How many companies are covered by NAI500 2.0, and what sectors are included?
    The new platform showcases over 1200 public companies from 7 sectors, namely "Mining", "Energy", "Life Science", "Technology", "CSE Centre", “ASX Stocks” and "Chinese  Stocks".
  • There are over 15000 North America-listed companies, why does NAI500 2.0 feature only 1200 of them? What are the evaluation standards?
    Our market intelligence team has selected 1200 companies traded on the North American market basing on stringent standards. Companies are evaluated every 3 months and the list is updated accordingly to assure that timely and accurate analysis is delivered to our investors.

    Crucial elements to our decision-making proccess:
    • A sustainable and expandable business model.
    • Transparency - frequent public updates on the company's performance.
    • Share structure - a viable balance between industrial investors and insider ownership.
  • Why should you visit NAI500 2.0?
    NAI500 2.0 is the gateway to the latest update of over 1200 companies, also designed to enhance interaction between investors and the companies.  The NAI500 2.0 intelligence indicators provide valuable insights into targeting the current investment trends. Furthermore, our editorial team compiles the Daily Top Story and report Breaking News to provide insights into the latest information from the market. Analyst reports published by reputable financial institutions presenting company's performance, project development, and technological advancements are also made available upon release.
  • How to register to be a NAI500 2.0 member? What are the services provided?
    Click "Member Sign Up" on the homepage and fill in simple information to register and enjoy the following services:
    • Free real-time updates from over 1200 professionally selected public companies.
    • Easy access to NAI500 2.0 on mobile devices via Weibo and Wechat platforms.
    • Regular NAI500 2.0 Reports compiled by the NAI Market Intelligence Team.
    • Customizable portfolio to stay updated on your favourite stocks via our brand new alert system.
  • What is “Top 100 Mining Executives"?
    With 15 years of industry experience, the NAI Market Intelligence Team analyzes and ranks the top 100 active mining executives. The ranking provides insights into their quality of management and financing ability. To ensure objective and timely results, the list is updated on a regular basis.
  • What is “Stock Alert System"? How does it function?
    Registered members may customize and manage their NAI500 portfolio for prompt and comprehensive updates from selected companies. It provides immediate updates on members’ favorite stocks, and are alerted on the following 5 activities:
    • The stock shows 3 consecutive days of increase/decrease, based on its closing price.
    • The stock shows 3 consecutive days of increased/decreased trading volume.
    • Trading volume of the stock increased to more than 5 times of its 30-day average trading volume.
    • The stock broke through 52-week high/low.
    • User could set target price: Include a one-time alert set-up function on My Message page. User can type in the symbol and a specific price.
  • What is “NAI Report”?
    NAI Report is a specialized service exclusive to registered members. The NAI Market Intelligence Team delivers sector-specific reports focusing on the mining and energy industry or commodities on a regular basis. The reports summarize and analyze major industry events in a professional perspective, providing a forecast of the market trend in the foreseeable future.
  • Under the “Event” section, there are “Company Activities” and “Conference & Meetings”. What are their differences?
    “Company Activities” refers to events submitted by the NAI500 2.0 clients, such as AGM and Director Meetings, conference calls, or events, road shows that they are attending etc…
    “Conference & Meetings” are events hosted by NAI Interactive, along with other upcoming industry events, such as the Money Show, Cambridge House conference, etc...
  • What is the NAI Index?
    For every one of the 7 sectors we cover on NAI500, we are setting up an index with a starting point of 2000. We will then summarize the 7 indices as one combined index, namely the NAI Index. As the NAI Index is composed of the performance of all stocks we feature, it provides a macro perspective on trend of the NAI companies.
  • How do I comment on the news and articles?
    Commenting is exclusive to registered members. Your opinion made under all news and articles are visible to other members, which encourages discussion among users.
  • How do I join the NAI500 Weibo and Wechat platform?
    You may follow us on Weibo at “naigcff”. We can be found on Wechat at “NAI500”. Joining the NAI500 group enables real-time updates on the market at your fingertip!


NAI500 2.0 - The Selection Criteria of the 7 Sectors

The new platform covers 7 distinctive sectors, including over 1200 public companies and are categorized into "Mining", "Energy", "Life Science", "Technology", "CSE Centre", "Chinese Stocks" and "ASX Stocks". Each category is evaluated based on different mechanisms.

Mining Sector Selection Basis - "5i's"
The President of NAI, Gilbert Chan, has been active in the mining market for over 15 years and has gained influence in the industry. Led by Mr. Chan, our Market Intelligence team has selected 278 companies from a plethora of companies based on professional and stringent standards. Companies are evaluated every 3 months to assure timely and accurate evaluation delivered to our investors.

The 5 Intelligence Indicators:

  • iManagement
    A strong management team with good track record and success story in the industry. A management team includes the CEO, VP Exploration, Chairman, CFO, and Directors.
    • The success of a management team depends on its ability in making promising discoveries, turning loss into profit and selling assets off to major companies to benefit the shareholders. 
    • The management team displays substantial dedication towards the growth of the company, and is immensely experienced in the industry.
  • iStructure 
    Under 100M outstanding shares with higher ratio of insider holdings, and a viable balance of institutional and retailer shareholders.
    • High insider holdings indicates a stronger drive for a more effective management and success of the company.
    • A balanced ratio of institutional and retail holdings.
    • Holdings by reputable institutional or individual investors.
  • iFinance
    A positive balance sheet and abundant cash flow, and strong financing capability with no financing needs in the foreseeable future.
  • iProject
    • Potential quality projects.
    • Vast deposit and high returns of investment.
    • Reasonable level of capital expenditure and sustaining cost.
  • iPromotion
    The branding and promotion of the company - regular and timely IR and PR strategies.
    • Active trading on the market.
    • The company and its management team or projects should be widely recognized.
    • The company shows active interaction with investors and host frequent meetings and events.
    • Analyst coverage on company or projects.

NAI will rank over 1600 mining companies under 12 sub-categories basing on the 5i's and re-evaluate every 3 months. The number of i's a company receives correlates positively with its health. The 5i's indicator provides an immediate reference for the NAI500 investors into the company's performance. This market intelligence system will be introduced later on to other featured sectors.

When rating the companies, the maturity of a company and competitive advantages and disadvantages are also taken into consideration. We maintain a balanced number of junior, major and producers in our database - with a good mix of high-risk explorers and low-risk producers. Investors can depend on the 5i's ranking for a comprehensive and complete perspective to their portfolio.

Energy Sector Selection Basis – Balance Sheet and Stock Performance
The NAI Market Intelligence Team will evaluate the energy companies based on two crucial indicators:

  • The Balance Sheet –  debt, cash flow and financing capability.
    Qualified companies show innovative and strong financing capability and low debt rate.
  • Stock Performance – Outstanding Shares, Share Structure, Trading Volume and Price
    A company’s health and operation shows in its stock performance. Multiple indicators are taken into consideration for a more objective and comprehensive result.

The 5i’s indicators will be introduced to the energy sector later on for a more advanced reference for our investors.

Life Science, Techology and the ASX Stocks Selection Basis - Balance Sheet and Stock Performance
We adopted the same mechanism for these 3 areas as the Energy sectors by measuring its stock performance and balance sheet. As our market intelligence strategies mature in these 3 sectors, the 5I's indicators will be applied to the featured companies.

CSE Centre Selection Basis – A Complete CSE Listing
We are the first IR platform to feature the complete collection of companies on the Canada Stock Exchange (CSE) for Chinese investors to search. As most of the CSE-listed companies are new to the market, we are introducing them to our investors by delivering their news and information.

Chinese Stocks Selection Basis - Balance Sheet, Stock Performance and Fraud-free Track Record
Our evaluation mechanism for the Chinese Concept Stocks is similar to that of the Life Science, Technology, and ASX sectors. The balance sheet, cash flow, financing capability, share structure, and stock performance of the Chinese companies will be evaluated. Due to the scandals revolving around North-American listed Chinese companies, we are particularly stringent on a scam-free track record of a company.

  • Balance Sheet – a positive balance sheet, abundant cash flow, strong financing capability with no financing needs in a foreseeable future.
  • Stock Performance – Outstanding shares, share structure, trading volume and stock price
  • Financial Transparency –  Scandal-free track record