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Top 100 Mining Executives

This section is a ranking and info system evaluated by our market intelligence team. Based on our years of market knowledge and experience in North America Mining Industry, our team is able to research and rank the top 100 mining executives according to their performance in recent years. The process is mainly to evaluate if their work has maximized shareholder value, by making discoveries or advancing project from discovery stages to development and production stage. Our focus will be more towards the mining juniors while including a few special ones who has run major producers.

Though the ranking can be changing from time to time to provide an update of their latest achievements, there are not a lot to choose from these outstanding people. There are also a lot of others that are very good and have potentials to break into our Top 100. This section aims to provide a valuable reference for investors to gain better insights into how people are very important factors in making or breaking a mining company.

Do not agree with our picks? Please send us your comments at We are open to your suggestions and constantly look into other outstanding performers.


David Strang

David has always been involved heavility in the Copper industry and produced 1 success after the ...


Geoff Chater

Not many top mining executives came from the Investor Relations background, Geoff Chater is one o...


Jacques Perron

He has worked in the mining industry for almost 30 years and has extensive technical and operatio...


Rob Pease

Mr. Pease has been involved with mineral exploration and mine development projects worldwide for ...


Morgan Poliquin

Morgan inherited the mining legend Duane his Father and has made numerous discoveries over the ye...


Ari Sussman

Ari Sussman has over 15 years of experience in both the natural resource and investment markets s...


Paul Huet

Mr. Huet has over 25-years of experience in high-grade mining, with particular expertise in narro...


Catherine McLeod-Seltzer

Nobody in the mining industry does not know about Catherine. She is part of many success stories ...


Patrick Evans

Mr. Evans is also another one of the mining executives that were involved in multiple wins during...


Jorge Ganoza

Jorge A. Ganoza is a geological engineer with over 18 years of experience in mineral exploration,...