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Miranda Gold Corp(TSXV:MAD)

Market Overview


Vol 102,000
10 Days Avg Vol 67300
3 Mo Avg Vol 48400
52 Wk Lo/Hi $0.07 - $0.17
YTD Price Gain % -31.8%
10 Wks Moving Avg 0.09
200 Days Moving Avg 0.11
Liquidity Ratio 1.0
Market Cap 5,560,519


Miranda Gold Corp. (TSX-V: MAD) is a gold exploration company focusing its generative efforts in Colombia. Colombia is the last part of the prolific Andean mountain chain that can be considered a nearly unexplored frontier jurisdiction with relatively high rates of gold discovery. Miranda specializes in exploration - the mining stage that offers the strongest rewards and growth potential for shareholders. The financial risk of exploration is mitigated through our joint venture business model and with strategic alliances. This business model allows us to conserve our treasury by having partners "earn in" to our projects at the grass roots stage of highest technical risk. Also the Prospect Generator-Joint Venture model provides investors many chances for discovery from a larger portfolio. Miranda Gold Corp. is committed to the exploration and discovery of world-class deposits that could deliver a $2B asset to it and its partner. Miranda is also striving to separate itself from the typical "prospect generator" by becoming cash flow positive and self financed for its exploration budget through royalty and production from low risk, high-grade mines. Miranda has partnered with Gold Torrent Inc. in a near term "production joint venture". Our Willow Creek project in Alaska is undergoing feasibility studies and has a forecast production date in early 2019. Miranda used its expertise to de-risk the project and now Gold Torrent is committed to placing the property into production and funding the majority of the preproduction capital. Given the right project Miranda would enter into other “production JVs” similar to Willow.

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Miranda Gold Corp

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