Mining for Gold in Mongolia: Steppe Gold’s Plan to Expand Production

Published on: January 13, 2021
Author: Editor

With gold prices gaining in 2020, gold mining companies are seeing a period of market cap growth. Operating in Mongolia, Steppe Gold Ltd. is one of the world’s newest gold producers and one of the low-cost gold producers.

Steppe delivers superior returns to shareholders from its low cost, long life precious metals projects in Mongolia. The company boasts strong relationships with local partners, communities, and all levels of the Mongolian government.

Check out this interview to learn about the investment opportunities they bring and learn about their Phase 2 expansion plan.

About Steppe Gold Limited (TSX: STGO)

Steppe Gold Ltd. is a precious metals exploration and development company focused on opportunities in Mongolia. The company’s projects include the Altan Tsagaan Ovoo Project (ATO Project) and Uudam Khundii property in Mongolia. For more information visit:

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