Exploring for High-grade Gold Deposit in Canada’s Gold Capital

Maxtech Ventures CSE MVT High-grade Gold Deposit 高品位金矿
Published on: June 4, 2020
Author: Editor

While Canada has had many prolific gold producing regions over the years, including many famous gold rushes, lately the Gold Capital of Canada rests in the Red Lake, Ontario. The Red Lake mining district has produced more than 28 million ounces of high-grade gold and Maxtech‘s Panama Gold Project has started the drilling program in May 2020. What is the upside potential for Maxtech? Check out this interview to learn more.

In the Company release of September 10, 2019: Peter Wilson, Maxtech’s CEO and Director, said, “The opportunity for Maxtech to explore such an advanced project at this stage of the gold price cycle is very timely, Red Lake has had multiple high-grade discoveries during the last several years and is host to Gold Corp., Pure Gold Mining and Great Bear Resources, among others.”

About Maxtech Ventures Inc. (CSE:MVT)

Maxtech Ventures Inc. is a junior exploration company assembling and acquiring mineral assets worldwide. The company has assembled multiple assets that it intends to develop with its established partners on the ground in strategic global regions. Learn more on https://www.maxtech-ventures.com/

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