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Resverlogix Corp (TSX:RVX)

Contact Information

Resverlogix Corp

Suite 300-4820 Richard Road S.W., Calgary AB T3E 6L1
(403) 254-9252
(403) 256-8495
Donald J. McCaffrey




Resverlogix is a Toronto Stock Exchange listed clinical stage biotechnology company based in Calgary, Canada. The company is focused on creating and developing first-in-class small molecule therapeutics for BET inhibition.

Market Overview

$2.570 (-2.280%)
Vol 54,191.00
10 Days Avg Vol 62,619.00
3 Mo Avg Vol 160,046.98
52 Wk Lo/Hi $1.110 - $2.750
YTD Price Gain % 19.53%
12 Wks Moving Avg 1.734778
200 Days Moving Avg 1.719600
Market Cap 450,505,122

Updated: Market Close, 07/13/2018

Company Background

Resverlogix is developing apabetalone (RVX-208), a first-in-class, small molecule that is a selective BET (bromodomain and extra-terminal) inhibitor. BET bromodomain inhibition is an epigenetic mechanism that can regulate disease-causing genes. Apabetalone is the first and only BET inhibitor selective for the second bromodomain (“BD2”) within the BET protein called BRD4. This selective inhibition of apabetalone on BD2 produces a specific set of biological effects with potentially important benefits for patients with high-risk cardiovascular disease (“CVD”), diabetes mellitus (“DM”), chronic kidney disease (“CKD”), end-stage renal disease treated with hemodialysis, neurodegenerative disease, Fabry disease, peripheral artery disease and other orphan diseases, while maintaining a well described safety profile. Apabetalone is the only selective BET bromodomain inhibitor in human clinical trials. Apabetalone is currently being studied in a Phase 3 trial, BETonMACE, in high-risk CVD patients with type 2 DM and low high-density lipoprotein (“HDL”), and is expected to be initiated in a Phase 2a kidney dialysis trial designed to evaluate biomarker changes and safety parameters in up to 30 patients with end-stage renal disease treated with hemodialysis.


  • Apabetalone is the only selective BET inhibitor with no known competitor, providing Resverlogix with an estimated 7-8 year lead over competitors and significant scarcity value.
  • Single therapeutic target with multiple biological effects – BET inhibition holds particular promise for multifactorial diseases including CVD, CKD and cancers and represents a novel and promising area of research.
  • Apabetalone is highly differentiated from other therapies that focus only on single biological targets such as increasing HDL or decreasing lowdensity lipoprotein (“LDL”) in plasma, and has effects on multiple pathways and biomarkers that function in concert to reduce CVD events.

Share Structure

As of _July 10, 2017
Shares Issued 111,205,345
Warrants 14,835,789
Options N/A - anti-dilutive
Fully Diluted 126,041,134

Other Information


  • Resverlogix’s lead drug candidate is currently in a Phase 3 CVD clinical trial, and has received regulatory approvals to proceed with a Phase 2a CKD clinical trial in the USA and a second Phase 2a clinical trial for Fabry disease in Canada.
  • A first-in-class small molecule selective BET bromodomain inhibitor in development for the secondary prevention of major adverse cardiovascular events (“MACE”) in high risk patients and other chronic diseases such as DM, CVD, CKD, neurodegenerative disease and certain orphan diseases.
  • Apabetalone targets BET proteins to impact several important biological processes that drive risk in vascular disease patients, namely:
  1. Reduction of key vascular inflammation markers
  2. Modulation of complement, coagulation and acute phase response cascades, known drivers in CVD and acute cardiac events
  3. Enhancement of reverse cholesterol transport ("RCT")
  4. Lowering key markers of metabolic risk.

Management Profiles

Donald J. McCaffrey

President, CEO & Co-Founder

Donald McCaffrey has over 35 years of corporate management experience, including over 17 years in drug discovery & development. A true entrepreneur, Don co-founded Resverlogix in 2001 with Dr. Norman Wong. Don has strategically directed Resverlogix in its continued partnering discussions with global pharmaceutical companies, establishing one of the largest China biotech partnerships to date with Shenzhen Hepalink Pharmaceuticals. Don is also President and CEO of Zenith Capital Corp., a privately held oncology company. Zenith is the result of a 2013 corporate spin-out from Resverlogix. Zenith is continuing to establish its own successes in the field of drug development for prostate cancer.

Dr. Norman C.W. Wong, M.D., FRCP

Chief Scientific Officer & Co-Founder

Dr. Wong's research interest focuses on the molecular actions of hormones related to the regulation of gene expression and pathogenesis of diabetes mellitus. His most recent successes have come from uncovering potential therapeutic targets in the field of epigenetics. Dr. Wong keeps active in the academic community with speaking engagements at national and international medical conferences. He has been the author and co-author of more than 300 articles and abstracts and has been invited to sit on more than 40 national or international panels and committees. He has also acted as a consultant to several leading pharmaceutical companies, including Eli Lilly, Merck Frost, GlaxoSmithKline, Solvay Pharmaceuticals and Abbott Laboratories.

Dr. Ewelina Kulikowski, PH.D.

Senior Vice President of Research & Development

Dr. Kulikowski leads all of the research and development activities at Resverlogix Corp. She joined Resverlogix in 2005 as Director of Research and Development and has been involved in the development of lead drug RVX-208 (apabetalone) from its discovery through to the IND and into clinical development. Dr. Kulikowski has also led projects in oncology, ophthalmology, and vascular inflammation, as well as served as a liaison between the science and business teams. As Director of Business Development and Scientific Affairs, Dr Kulikowski was involved in various aspects of pipeline development including market, reimbursement and pharmacoeconomic surveys, regulatory affairs, commercial and lifecycle management. Most recently, Dr. Kulikowski has led the Neurodegenerative Program and continues to oversee this area of development.

Kenneth Lebioda, BA

Senior Vice President Business & Corporate Development

Ken has over 30 years of experience in the innovative pharmaceutical industry with leading global companies such as Bristol-Myers Squibb, Hoechst Marion Roussel and Marion Merrell Dow. He held a variety of management positions with these companies in the areas of sales and business development, regulatory affairs, reimbursement and market access. Ken's past contributions in helping build leading global cardiovascular brands such as Plavix, Pravachol, Cardizem, and Avapro will provide strategic guidance for the company's technologies in the areas of market analysis, regulatory affairs, pharmacoeconomics, licensing and commercial development.

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