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RISE Life Science Corp (CSE:RLSC)


Rise Life Science Corp. (Formerly Luminor Medical Technologies Inc.) is a Canadian Securities Exchange listed life sciences company operating through its two wholly owned subsidiaries - Scout Assessment Corp. and Jamaica BLU Limited. Scout Assessment Corp.’s key product is the Scout DS®, a device that has been regulatory cleared in certain markets both as a non-invasive clinical tool to assist in the identification of both prediabetes and type 2 diabetes. Jamaica BLU Limited holds the exclusive Canadian licence of all current and future cannabis commercial products developed by Rise Research Inc.

Market Overview

$0.210 (-2.330%)
Vol 19,100.00
10 Days Avg Vol 0.00
3 Mo Avg Vol 27,560.81
52 Wk Lo/Hi $0.130 - $0.740
YTD Price Gain % -46.15%
12 Wks Moving Avg 0.280500
200 Days Moving Avg 0.308000
Market Cap 10,826,050

Updated: Market Close, 09/25/2018

Company Background

Pre-diabetes is blamed for 2.2 million deaths annually – greater than the death toll from diabetes itself. Early detection is critical if mortality rates are going to be reduced. The World Health Organization is clear about it: “The starting point for living well with diabetes is an early diagnosis – the longer a person lives with undiagnosed and untreated diabetes, the worse their health outcomes are likely to be. Easy access to basic diagnostics, such as blood glucose testing, should, therefore, be available in primary health-care settings.” This is the mission of Luminor Medical Technologies (TSX: V.LMT). The first and primary product offering today is the Scout DS. Our Mission is to improve the lives of people with diabetes and pre-diabetes by successfully identifying, developing, maximizing, and commercializing innovative non-Invasive screening and diagnostics medical technologies.


  • Restructured and capitalizing company for success.
  • Accelerating negotiation with distributors and join venture partner in critical markets for Scout DS:
  • China, and India have 750 million diabetes/pre-diabetes patients.
  • Developing world 270 million suffer diabetes/pre-diabetes patients.
  • USA over 86 million with pre-diabetes undiagnosed
  • Acquisition pipeline building and opportunities emerging.
  • $42 million in R&D with $15million in  carry-forward losses.
  • Medical sector for such technologies received high valuations

Share Structure

Luminor Medical Technologies Inc.
Share Structure
    Common Shares 9, 365,429
    Outstanding Options 768,800
    Common Stock Warrants 3,665745
Fully Diluted Shares 13,799,974
    Board and Management Holdings 30%+
Share Trading Activity
    3 month average daily volume(shares) 17,875 shares
    52 week low/high ($/share) $0.14/$0.75
    Current Share Price (Date) $0.40
    Average Warrant Price $0.29
Market Capitalization (I/O) $3.87 million
Cash Balance $200,000
Debt Outstanding
 Current liability - convertible debenture $150,000 at $0.20.Long Term Debt - $1.6M with $300,000 due on December 31, 2018; $400,000 due on December 31, 2019; $600,000 due on December 31, 2020; $300,000 due on December 31, 2021.

Other Information

Research / Products Information

The Scout DS® is a ground-breaking new diabetes-screening device that uses visible light to detect and measure biomarkers present in the skin associated with pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes. The SCOUT DS® is indicated for noninvasive screening of individuals 18 years or older who are at risk for prediabetes and/or type 2 diabetes to determine whether diagnostic testing is necessary. The process takes on average 90 seconds to complete. While offering equal reliability with conventional testing, the Scout DS® is faster, easier to use, and non-invasive (meaning no needles/ no blood required).  In addition, there is no fasting requirement prior to testing.

Management Profiles

Christian Sauvageau

President & CEO

Mr. Sauvageauas 30 years of experience in both the pharmaceutical and medical device fields.He has held senior sales, marketing, and business development positions with both national and international experience. >20 years at Merck Canada Ltd most recently as Vice President of customer innovation where he launched innovative products and practices. He led business units to $600 million in annual revenueMr. Sauvageau graduated with a B.Sc.(Biochemistry) from University Laval in Quebec, Canada and was an Officer of the Canadian Armed Forces. Christian combines a high degree of ethics and integrity to a passion for patient health and business results.

Chris Carmichael


CEO Bradstone Capital Corp. a Canadian based merchant banking organization. Has 20 years providing financial reporting services for publicly traded companies on TSX, TSX Venture Exchange, CNSX and pre-public companies. Certified Accountant, graduated from Western University with B.A . (Business).As person with type 1 diabetes, Chris understands the challenges our target customer live on a daily basis.

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