Peak Positioning Technologies Inc (CSE:PKK)

Contact Information

Peak Positioning Technologies Inc

550 Sherbrooke West, West Tower, Suite 265, Montreal, QC H3A 1B9 Canada
+1 (514) 340-7775
+1 (514) 340-2228
[email protected]
Johnson Joseph




Peak Positioning Technologies Inc. is a Canadian Securities Exchange listed IT portfolio management company based in Montreal, Canada. The company is focused on assembling, financing, and managing a portfolio of high-growing potential companies and assets in some of the fastest growing tech sectors in China.

Market Overview

Company Background

Peak Positioning Technologies Inc. (“Peak”) is an IT portfolio management company whose mission is to assemble, finance and manage a portfolio of high-growth-potential companies and assets in some of the fastest growing tech sectors in China, including Fintech, e-commerce and cloud-computing. Peak provides its shareholders with exceptional growth potential by giving them access to the fastest growing sectors of the world's fastest growing economy.


  • Peak Positioning is a bridge and pipeline for Canadian investors to hottest tech (fintech) sectors in China.
  • Through its networks and connections, Peak is able to acquire rights to technologies globally and bring them to China.
  • Proven track record of Chinese operational success with 2 currently operating Chinese subsidiaries:
    • AST – Product procurement and financing for raw materials and commodities.
    • ASDS – Commercial lending platform matching lenders and businesses.

Share Structure

Peak Positioning Technologies Inc.
   Share Structure
    Common Shares415,493,564
    Outstanding Options24,045,000
    Common Stock Warrants253,298,100
    Fully Diluted Shares692,836,664
    Board and Management Holdings61.4%
   Share Trading Activity
    3 month average daily   volume(shares)550,000
    52 week low/high ($/share)$0.02/$0.10
    Current Share Price (09-30-2016)$0.065
    Average Warrant Price$0.045
   Market Capitalization (I/O)$27,000,000
   Cash Balance$400,000
   Debt Outstanding$2,200,000
 (all amounts as of Sept. 30, 2016)

Other Information

Products/Technology Information

Peak’s Shanghai-based operating subsidiary, Asia Synergy Technologies Ltd (“AST”), operates a financial technology (Fintech) platform called “Gold River”. Gold River allows for the distribution of raw materials that go into the making of plastics and plastic based products, as well as the distribution of certain metals. Clients login to their Gold River accounts and send their product orders to AST. Clients also have the options to have their product orders financed or request loans and other financial services through the Gold River platform. AST makes a gross profit margin of 1% to 5% on product orders and can make an additional 4% to 10% gross margin on each order if financial services are requested along with an order.

Management Profiles

Johnson Joseph, MBA

CEO, Peak Positioning Technologies Inc.

Mr. Joseph has been the President and CEO of Peak since 2011. He led the company’s transition from being a software development company to becoming a management company of IT assets with a focus on the Chinese technology space. His vision of giving Canadian investors a well-managed and trustworthy vehicle to participate in some of China’s most promising tech sector opportunities is now the driving force behind Peak’s operations. Prior to becoming Peak’s CEO, Mr. Joseph spent 8 years in the financial services industry as an advisor with Investors Group, one of Canada’s largest mutual fund and asset management companies.

Liang Qiu, M. Sc.

CEO, Asia Synergy Technologies Ltd.

Following a successful entrepreneurial career in Montreal as Founder and CEO of Ollwin International Limited, an e-commerce and IT solution service provider, Mr. Qiu moved to Wuxi, China in 2008 where he co-founded LongKey Software Technology (“LongKey”). Working in partnership with some of China’s largest telecoms and financial institutions, LongKey provides affordable cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) business management applications to small and medium size businesses, as well as state of the art financial technology solution (Fintech) to allow these businesses to qualify for and obtain financing from LongKey’s financial partners. In his role as CEO of AST, Mr. Qiu is responsible for the overall execution of the company’s strategic plan and serves as the main liaison between Peak and all of Peak’s Chinese-based operations.

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