Hansen Land Brokers Inc.


Hansen Land Brokers Inc. is a boutique land brokerage firm. Headquartered just south of Calgary, Hansen Land Brokers Inc. has helped facilitate both sales and purchases of land based assets all over the province of Alberta. After more than twenty five years of specializing in the sale and purchase of agricultural, development, investment, and transitional land-based assets in Alberta, Hansen Land Brokers has the transaction-based experience, the professional knowledge, and up-to-date education to provide you with the right guidance when preparing to either sell or buy all types of land.

Our project-oriented approach allows us to spend more time, effort, and resources on each individual property and client, giving us the best possible chance at achieving a positive result.

As proof of our continued quest to “better ourselves to better serve our clients” Hansen received the prestigious Accredited Land Consultants designation by the Realtors® Land Institute, only the second brokerage in Western Canada to do so. Achieving the ALC designation requires successful completion of a rigorous education program, a proven track record of performance, and a commitment to professionalism.

Investment Highlights

Investing in Alberta’s Agricultural Land

For Chinese investors who are Canadian citizens or hold permanent resident status in Canada, investing in Alberta land assets provide a secure and profitable asset that is surprisingly low maintenance.  Many Chinese investors have flooded British Columbia’s agricultural land markets for years, particularly in cities like Richmond, and even in other provinces like Saskatchewan, raising the costs significantly in these jurisdictions.

Why do wealthy investors want Canadian agricultural land?

  • Diversification from residential real estate and stocks
  • Stability of asset
  • Predictable cash-on-cash returns
  • Steady long term asset appreciation
  • Significantly undervalued compared to global agricultural land

As for investment returns there are 2 ways to make money on a piece of farmland; capital appreciation and income. Capital appreciation means if the value of the land goes up then the investor can sell it for a profit. Income from a farm will either be from cash rent, or crop share. Cash rent is calculated by dollars per cultivated acre.

Secure Investments. Alberta farmland is a stable, secure investment. After all, the land is only becoming more valuable over the years, and it can’t be stolen. Investing in Alberta agriculture land provides financial gains, and through Hansen Land’s ability to rent the asset to reliable local farmers, investors do not need to actively manage or farm the land themselves.

Feature Projects

1653 (+/-) Acres in the Bow Valley Corridor

Price: $7,999,000

This offering presents a once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase a tract of land that has been in the same family since the west was settled by Europeans. Situated west of cochrane on the Bow Valley Corridor to Canmore and The Rocky Mountains. A more scenic and productive property will be hard to find. The Abundance of grass is strategically watered by a flowing well, ponds, springs, and a creek. While enjoying the natural beauty of the property, looking to the south and the west is a spectacular view of Ghost Lake and the Rockies. An off-grid cabin will make for a great hideaway. The Land borders Bow Valley Trail (Highway 1A) making for easy access just minutes west of Cochrane.



3449 Acres of Grazing Land in the MD of Big Horn

410 (+/-) acres of deeded land in 3 parcels in the MD of Bighorn just north of Ghost Lake, along with 3039 (+/-) acres of government lease land including 323 AUM’s.

Parcel A includes 160 acres as well as an older log home with an unfinished walkout basement.. A conservation easement on this property restricts development (allows for one dwelling)

Parcel B includes 160 acres of mixed forest with access from Richards Road on a trail that goes through Stoney 142, 143, 144 Reserve . Does NOT have a conservation easement.

Parcel C includes a 60 acre parcel, bounded on the south side by the Stoney 142, 143, 144 Reserve, with a small lake and mixed forest. Access from river, and NO conservation easement.

Stay tuned for upcoming drone footage!

PRICE: $1,576,000.00



Management Profiles

Shawn Hansen President

Shawn has been an Auctioneer since 1981. He is a Commissioner for Oaths as well as a Notary Public, a member of the Calgary Real Estate Board, and the Alberta and Canadian Real Estate Associations.

Shawn became involved with the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede in 1995 as a member of the International Agricultural Committee. He went on to Chair that committee for several years, and then sat on the Livestock Auctioneers Committee. He remains a shareholder and senior associate with the organization to date.

In 2004, Stars Air Ambulance recognized Shawn for his 10-year commitment as Auctioneer for the organization’s yearly Starlight Starbright fund raising evening gala.

He is also a member of both the Auctioneers Association of Alberta, as well as the National Auctioneers Association.

Bob Dyck Associate Brocker

Bob Dyck & Shawn Hansen have been partners in the Land Brokerage Business for over 25 years. Bob Dyck joined Lively Realty Ltd in May of 2008. Bob resides in High River and has held his Realtors Brokers Licence since 1977 and is well known for conducting some of Western Canada ‘s largest Real Estate Auctions. After many years in the livestock industry as a producer and marketer, he is now focusing his efforts in the rural and development Real Estate field.