Tenet Fintech Group Inc. (CSE: PKK, OTC Pink: PKKFF)


Tenet Fintech Group (formerly Peak Fintech Group) offers the ecosystem Cubeler Lending Hub to SMEs, lenders, brokers, data providers and automated risk management capabilities to allow a more efficient transaction. Through the Cubeler Lending Hub, including the Gold River and Jinxiaoer, the analytics and artificial intelligence make the optimal match between lenders, brokers and borrowers, resulting CAD$2.24B worth of transactions since 2018. On the verge to create an all-encompassing virtual B2B ecosystem, our collaboration with registered business and government regulated financial institutions allows the commercial lending in China ready to Tenet!

Stock Chart

Share Structure

Capitalization Table

Shares Outstanding: 160,960,341
Warrants: 30,121,036
Options: 9,318,500
Fully Diluted: 200,399,877
Stock Price: CAD$ 2.46
Basic Market Cap: CAD$ 395,962,439
Fully Diluted Market cap: CAD$ 492,983,697

(Data as of July 16, 2021)

Investment Highlights

  • Tenet Fintech Group prepares to list on NASDAQ Capital Market stock exchange and Hong Kong Stock Exchange
  • Financial Highlights:
    • 2019-2020 Annual Growth: 264.67%
    • 2020 ends with near $6M in cash and virtually no long-term debt with the potential of adding 10-times the clients served through 2020
    • Future financing: In June, Tenet closes oversubscribed short-form prospectus financing for gross proceeds of CAD$52.6M, followed by a USD$30M financing by the end of July
  • Forefront Analytics & AI ecosystem based on Cubeler Lending Hub, including the Gold River and Jinxiaoer
    • Partnership with Rongbang Technology Ltd. (China UnionPay subsidiary), Banking AI Zhongke Software Intelligence Ltd.  (product provider to 34 banks and financial institutions) and Qiyuesuo (Digital Contract Signing Capability provider)
    • Digital currency electronic payment integrated with master bank account and APIs to directly link Lending Hub and Gold River to China UnionPay network
  • Our subsidiary Asia Synergy Financial Capital receives “A” credit rating from the Financial Supervisory Administration Bureau of Jiangsu Province
  • Financial & Service Centers in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Changzhou, Wuxi, Jiangyin and Xi’An, working with 54 banks and lending financial institutions on the Lending Hub (such as Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank and Agricultural Bank of China) with approximately 31,000 SMEs as part of the ecosystem
  • Deep roots in Yangtze River delta’s Supply Chain Network
    • Serve China’s 2nd largest steel supplier, Xingcheng Special Steel Works Ltd.

Products/Projects Information

  • Distributor & Retailer Financing Program
    • Partnership with packaged foods wholesale distributor Beijing Jingying Corporate Management Ltd., beverage distributor Xiamen Guangzhui Ltd., consumer electronics distributor Beijing Dianjing Company Ltd., distributor Dajinpengli Trading Ltd. and national convenience store chain Bianlifeng to serve millions of retail clients
  • JD Financing program
    • Partnership with JD product suppliers
  • Media Influencers Financing Program
    • Partnership with Gruppo Coin (an Italy’s leading apparel retail group) to serve 55K influencers with 120M combined followers on popular platform such as TikTok, Weibo and WeChat
  • Partnership with ShopEx to serve 28 online marketplaces & social media platforms, hosting an estimated 9M stores and 80M micro-shops, including TaoBao, TMall, JD and Pinduoduo
  • Future projects (2021 and beyond)
    • Expansion of Lending Hub ecosystem where data, analytics and AI are used to automate commercial lending transactions
    • Expansion to other cities in China by reaching more clients based on strategic partnership agreements signed in 2020 and by creating more service and financial centers
    • Replicate the successful model in Canada and US

Management Profiles

Johnson Joseph, MBA CEO, Tenet Fintech Group

Mr. Joseph has been the President and CEO of Peak Positioning since 2011. During that time he helped successfully guide the company through a number of challenging periods by being able to adapt and adjust the company’s business model to changing and difficult market conditions. Most notably, he led the company’s transition from being a software development company to an asset management company, and from a focus on ecommerce to the Chinese Fintech and financial services sectors. His vision of giving Canadian investors a well-managed and trustworthy vehicle to participate in some of China’s most promising tech sector opportunities is now the driving force behind Peak’s operations. Prior to becoming Peak’s CEO, Mr. Joseph spent 8 years in the financial services industry as an advisor with Investors Group, one of Canada’s largest mutual fund and asset management companies. Mr. Joseph holds an MBA in Information Technology from HEC Montreal (formerly École des hautes études commerciales) and a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from Texas Tech University.

Liang Qiu, M. Sc. CEO, Tenet Group China

Following a successful entrepreneurial career in Montreal as Founder and CEO of Ollwin International Limited, an e-commerce and IT solution service provider, Mr. Qiu moved to Wuxi, China in 2008 where he co-founded LongKey Software Technology (“LongKey”). Working in partnership with some of China’s largest telecoms and financial institutions, LongKey provides affordable cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) business management applications to small and medium size businesses. Mr. Qiu served as LongKey’s CTO from the date the company was created until he accepted the position of CEO of the Peak Group in China in 2016. In his role as CEO of Peak Group China, Mr. Qiu is responsible for the overall execution of the company’s strategic plan in China, both from a technological development and business development standpoint. He also serves as the main liaison between Peak and all of Peak’s Chinese subsidiaries. Mr. Qiu holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from McGill University.

Jean Landreville, CPA, CA CFO, Tenet Fintech Group

Mr. Landreville is a senior executive with over 30 years of experience, acquired in Europe and Canada, in strategic, financial and operational management of various sizes of companies ranging from SMEs to large corporations in a number of manufacturing and services sectors. From the beginning of his career in digital and print media, Mr. Landreville spearheaded several short and long-term financing, business start-ups, implementation of management systems and M&A projects. He then went on to continue his professional career as the Director of Finance of a high-profile international construction group in France where he ensured that the European group’s financing needs were met and contributed to the restructuring of the group’s financial and operational management. Back in Canada in the role of General Manager and VP Finance, Mr. Landreville successfully led several financial and operational restructurings through strategic and tactical initiatives to support business growth, contract negotiations, business flow optimization and human resource management. Mr. Landreville is a CPA, CA and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration HEC Montreal (formerly École des hautes études commerciales).

Bin Xu, CPA, CGA, MBA Director of Finance, Tenet Group China

Mr. Xu began his professional career in 2008 as a Financial Auditor with Ernst and Young in Shanghai and spent 4 years as the Finance Manager of a Shanghai-based international garment exporter. As head of the finance department, he helped the business successfully navigate through the complexity linked to the quickly evolving business environment at the time. Furthermore, his rich experience in managing relationships with the Chinese government and regulatory authorities was of critical value to the growth of the business. He moved to Montreal in 2015 where he most recently worked as a Financial Analyst at BNP Paribas Canada before joining Peak. His fluency in Mandarin, English and French, his previous experience as a financial auditor and his knowledge of international trade make him the ideal candidate for the key role he plays in the evolution of the operations of Peak’s group of companies in China. Mr. Xu is a CPA, CGA and holds an MBA from HEC Montreal (formerly École des hautes études commerciales).

Barry Ellison, M. Soc Director of Marketing and Communications, Tenet Fintech Group

Mr. Ellison brings more than 27 years of experience in senior-level positions at National Bank of Canada, Business Development Bank of Canada and most recently SureTraxx Cash Management Systems Inc. where he developed, lead and executed comprehensive marketing and communication strategies in line with corporate objectives. His strong communication skills, marketing prowess, knowledge of implementing effective social and digital media campaigns and understanding stakeholder relations makes him an ideal addition to the Peak team. At Peak he will be supporting Peak’s outsourced IR agencies in Canada and the US, creating press release and media content and coordinating capital-market activities.