GCFF Virtual 2024 – Battery & Precious Metals Conference

GCFF Virtual 2024 – Battery & Precious Metals ConferenceApr 18, 2024 Thur 8:00 am - 11:30 am PT  (Apr 18, 2024 Thur 11 am - 2:30 pm ET)  

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Live streaming starts at 8:30am PT (11:30am ET)

With the ongoing Palestinian-Israeli conflict starting in May 2023 and the war in Ukraine, economic growth has been damaged and prices have been pushed up. Precious metals, especially gold, serve as an effective store of value during times of geopolitical uncertainty in 2024. Silver is expected to benefit from the end of the Fed's interest rate hikes as a precious metal with a high industrial use. The precious metals market historically performed well during recessionary periods, which has become a reliable investment strategy for stably preserving wealth.

Battery metals such as cobalt, graphite, and nickel have been on the rise in demand as the world transitions towards a cleaner and more sustainable energy future. S&P Global reports that a supply deficit in battery metals is expected as early as 2024 and EV sales are expected to double, reaching 31.6 million units by 2027. In this promising environment, the Asian market stands out as a key player in battery metals investment. Countries like China, South Korea, and Japan have dominated battery manufacturing in recent years. North American players, on the other hand, have to start stepping up to compete in the EV battery supply chain, the battleground will get more competitive than ever. Therefore, investors need to stay informed about related trends and make reasonable decisions in this rapidly evolving sector.

Featuring promising companies exploring the mix of metals like Graphite, Manganese, Vanadium, and Lithium, the GCFF Precious Metals & Battery Metals Conference 2024 (Virtual) will be held on Apr 18, providing investors with the latest trends and valuable knowledge in precious metals mining and battery storage technology, EV supply chain, etc.

Keynote Speakers

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Brian Leni

Founder, Junior Stock Review

The incredible gains that can be made from tiny resource stocks drew me to the junior sector and I haven’t looked back. In 2013, as the resource market continued to decay from its highs in 2011, I made the bold decision to sell my family’s home and used 2/3 of the equity to invest in what I believed were the best junior companies in the sector. In 2016, I was rewarded for the extensive due diligence and courage I’d shown in the heart of the bear market – my portfolio rose 300%. This gave me the freedom to leave my career as an engineer in the steel industry and pursue investing full time.

This event is suitable for the following:

Individual investors, private client brokers, financial institutions, buy & sell side analysts and journalists, Business and Economics major students.

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