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Baselode discovered the ACKIO near-surface, high-grade uranium deposit in September 2021. ACKIO measures greater than 375 m along strike, greater than 150 m wide, comprised of at least 9 separate zones, with mineralization starting as shallow as 28 m beneath the surface and down to approximately 300 m depth beneath the surface with the bulk of mineralization occurring in the upper 120 m. ACKIO remains open to the west, north, south, and along the Athabasca sandstone unconformity to the east and south.  The project is within 30 km of a mining haul road and 70 km of a licensed mill with capacity.

Baselode’s Athabasca 2.0 exploration thesis focuses on discovering near-surface, basement-hosted, high-grade uranium orebodies outside the Athabasca Basin. The exploration thesis is further complemented by the Company’s preferred use of innovative and well-understood geophysical methods to map deep structural controls to identify shallow targets for diamond drilling.

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James Sykes metal energy

James Sykes
CEO, President & Director

James Sykes, CEO, President & Director of Baselode Energy Corp., brings more than 15 years of Athabasca Basin uranium exploration experience and discovery success to the Company.  James has been directly and indirectly involved with the discovery of over 550 M lbs. of U3O8 in the Athabasca, including leading the discovery team for NexGen Energy’s Arrow deposit, having provided invaluable work on Hathor Exploration’s Roughrider deposits, and he was also a member of the Denison Mines exploration team that prioritized the targets that eventually became the Phoenix and Gryphon deposits.  Prior to Baselode, James spent 5 years as an executive manager with Appia Energy Corp., a rare earth element exploration company in northern Saskatchewan.  James and the Baselode team have demonstrated their Athabasca prowess by having achieved exploration success in the Company’s first drill program with a new high-grade uranium discovery: ACKIO.  James is also currently CEO of Metal Energy Corp., a nickel-focused exploration company.

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