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FuelPositive is a Canadian growth-stage technology company committed to providing commercially viable and sustainable “cradle to cradle” clean energy solutions, including carbon-free ammonia (NH3), for use across a broad spectrum of industries and applications. By focusing on technologies that are clean, economically advantageous/ realizable and that leverage existing infrastructure, the Company aims to change the course of climate change through practical solutions that can be implemented now.

The Company’s core technology, carbon-free NH3, takes air, water and sustainable electricity and converts it to a non-polluting chemical for multiple applications, fertilizer for farming, fuel for internal combustion engines and a solution for grid storage. It is being considered as a replacement for fossil fuels and as a key enabler of the hydrogen economy.

Corporate Speaker

IAN Fuelpositive

Ian Clifford
CEO and Board Chair

Ian Clifford brings more than 25 years of experience in the fields of technology and marketing and has successfully led the Company to global brand recognition through its unique energy solutions. From 2006 to today, Ian has raised more than $60 million in equity financing for the Company.

Ian co-founded digIT Interactive, a full-service Internet marketing company serving Fortune 500, which he sold at the peak of the market in 2000.

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