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Neometals is an emerging, sustainable battery materials producer. The Company has developed a suite of green battery materials processing technologies that reduce reliance on traditional mining and processing and support circular economic principles.

Neometals’ three core business units:

Lithium-ion Battery (“LIB”) Recycling – to produce new battery materials from spent LIBs in a 50:50 JV (call Primobius) with German plant builder SMS group. Primobius has a 10tpd commercial Shredding ‘Spoke’ operation in Germany, it is the recycling technology partner to Mercedes Benz and is planning its first 50tpd operation with Stelco Inc. in Canada;

Vanadium Recovery – to produce high-purity V2O5 via processing of steelmaking by-product (“Slag”). Developing a 300,000tpa 50:50 JV operation in Pori, Finland, underpinned by a 10-year Slag supply agreement with steelmaker SSAB. MOU with H2Green Steel underpins a potential second operation in Boden, Sweden; and

Lithium Chemicals – to produce battery quality LiOH from brine and/or hard-rock feedstocks using patented ELi® electrolysis process owned by RAM (70% NMT, 30% Mineral Resources Ltd). Targeting an initial 25,000tpa operation in Estarreja with Portugal’s largest chemical producer, Bondalti Chemicals S.A.

Corporate Speaker


Jeremy McManus

GM – Commercial and Investor Relations

Jeremy has 20+ years’ experience in the technology materials and minerals sectors. Before Neometals, Jeremy occupied business development roles in the energy transition space and held corporate finance and funding advisory positions in the investment banking and accounting sectors. His Neometals’ role sees him sit across corporate strategy and communications, ESG, commercial negotiations and capital markets.

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