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NexOptic Technology Corp. aims to influence the multi-billion dollar optics industry through AI Machine Learning Imaging Software and Optical Products. Nexoptic is chaired by Rich Geruson, former CEO at Lexmark International, Phoenix Technologies, and Voice Signal Technologies, and was in senior management at Nokia, Toshiba, and IBM. NexOptic’s AI Imaging Software, ALIIS, “All Light Intelligent Imaging Solutions,” is advanced algorithms that enable any camera to push past its limits in all lighting environments. Custom to any image sensor, ALIIS enables superior “all light performance” by learning and embedding the optimal light profile on any camera. ALIIS executes on edge processing in a fraction of a second enabling faster shutter speeds and better long-range image stabilization and large reductions in image noise and motion-blur. In the process, file sizes and bandwidth are significantly reduced allowing superior storage and streaming capabilities. ALIIS can also improve downstream applications such as computational imaging, facial recognition, object detection, and visual mapping. NexOptic’s DoubleTake, is designed to influence the sports-optic device market. It won these awards in 2019: Digital Trends “Top Tech of CES” for photography, Edison Gold Medal Award for Advanced Image Capture in the Consumer Goods Category and GearJunkie “Best in Show” – Winter Gear Award. Production is paused as the Company emphasizes its AI.

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Paul McKenzie NexOptic

Paul McKenzie


Mr. McKenzie has been instrumental in taking Prostar Geocorp public and also sits on its Board of Directors. Prostar, a saas company, enables real-time access to critical and precise location information. Its clients include some of the world’s largest utility and engineering firms and its cloud-based service is beginning to be mandated for use in the United States on a state by state basis. Several of Mr. McKenzie’s previous companies made significant resource discoveries worldwide under his leadership and he has overseen and negotiated joint-venture and alliance partnerships with companies whose market-capitalizations have exceeded $20 billion. To date, Mr. McKenzie has been integral in raising close to US $100 million for his associated companies. He has acted in the capacity of Co-Founder, CEO, CFO, President and/or Director to several successful, publicly traded companies.

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