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Quorum is an information technology company focused on the automotive retail business with approximately 70% of annual revenues being SaaS-based recurring revenue. With innovation at its core, Quorum offers integrated, end-to-end business process solutions for automotive dealerships, covering all of their business-critical processes. Quorum has initiated a build, resell and acquire growth strategy. This strategy combines the continued development of new Quorum products, acquiring strategic companies that provide innovative solutions that augment Quorum’s existing product suite, and partnering with complimentary third-party providers to re-sell value-added solutions to Quorum’s existing customer base.

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Maury Marks Quorum Information Tech

Maury Marks

President and CEO

Throughout his career, Quorum President and CEO, Maury Marks, has established himself as a visionary in the automotive retail technology industry. As one of the original founders of Quorum Information Technologies, Maury has created a team that is committed to building and providing the best dealership systems in the automobile industry.

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