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Rakovina Therapeutics Inc. is focused on the development of new cancer treatments based on a pipeline of novel DNA-damage response (DDR) technologies.   The Company conducts its research in collaboration with the University of British Columbia under the direction of Prof. Mads Daugaard, president and chief scientific officer of the company.

Rakovina Therapeutics recently announced the publication of data describing its lead candidate from the Company’s kt-3000 series dual-function DDR-inhibitors in the Journal of Clinical Cancer Research. Rakovina therapeutics is developing kt-3000 for Ewing sarcoma, a soft-tissue cancer affecting children and young adults and for treatment-resistant adult solid tumors.

Rakovina Therapeutics is also conducting lead-optimization research for its kt-2000 and kt-4000 series with the goal of selecting candidates for advancement to human clinical trials. Further information may be found at

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Jeffrey Bacha
Executive Chairman

Mr. Jeffrey Bacha serves as the executive chairman of Rakovina Therapeutics, Inc. Mr. Bacha has been involved in pharmaceutical research for more than 25 years as a member of the executive leadership team for multiple companies. He is the founder and chief executive officer of Edison Oncology Holding Corp., a private corporation which sold assets to establish Rakovina Therapeutics Inc. Mr. Bacha also co-founded Kintara Therapeutics and served as Chairman and CEO during the company’s growth overseeing the advancement of its lead product candidate to Phase III clinical trials and NASDAQ listing. Mr. Bacha was served as president and founding CFO of XBiotech, Inc. and founding CEO of Inimex Pharmaceuticals. He is a member of the National Brain Tumor Society Research Roundtable and the Board of the Leukemia Lymphoma Society of Canada. Mr. Bacha holds an MBA from the Goizueta Business School at Emory University and a degree in BioPhysics from UCSD. Mr. Bacha is the inventor or co-inventor on multiple issued U.S. patents and applications, many with foreign counterparts.

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