About Us


NAI Interactive Ltd. (NAI), established in 1998, is a leading market intelligence and investor relations service provider for fast growing public companies trading on the North American stock exchanges. Our goal is to serve as a bridge between public companies and Chinese investors, nurturing investor loyalty and form functional networks via our unique platform. Throughout the years, NAI has established itself as the most trusted firm in providing market insights to Chinese investors. We strive to provide a more powerful platform for companies and investors to connect with each other.

The 3 Strengths of NAI500

  • Extensive Experience in the Business
    With 15 years in the IR business, NAI excels in the field of investor relations and market intelligence. Our professional team is specialized in targeting companies and connecting promising opportunities with investors.
  • Comprehensive Coverage of the Market
    NAI hunts for investment opportunities from the perspective of an investor. Our extensive experience in the industry has helped build a vast network and ensures our access to the best market information in quantity and quality.
  • Precise Positioning
    Our expertise in aggregating and distributing information has made us one of the most trusted sources to obtain company updates and analyses that are most important and relevant to investors.


NAI500 is the leading market intelligence platform connecting North American public companies with Chinese investors, providing market insights and real-time updates for our clients.

Unlike other IR platforms on the internet, NAI puts Chinese investors as our top priority. We are known as the one of leading Chinese investor relations platforms in North America. Our 15 years of experience in the North American energy and mining sectors makes us an expert in aggregating information and analyzing market trends. Since our inception in 1998, NAI has been well trusted by Chinese investors in the US, Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and China.

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