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JD.com Builds World’s First Fully Automated Warehouse in Shanghai

JD.com Inc. [NASDAQ:JD] has developed the world’s first whole-process unmanned warehouse, covering product entry, storage, packing and sorting.

Based in Shanghai’s Jiading District, the warehouse covers 40,000 square meters. The main body of its logistics center comprises four operation systems: receipt, storage, picking and packing. It can store 60,000 cases of a product at any given time, TechWeb reported on Oct. 10.

There are a range of robots carrying out different functions throughout the process. These bots are able to deal with orders in line with system instructions and self-calculate how to avoid collisions and optimize routes.

The warehouse will be able to handle up to 200,000 items a day when in operation, and is a bold innovation, JD.com said. The platform is fully automated and should be able to cope with the flexibility required for e-commerce orders.

Source: yicaiglobal.com

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