NAI500 Investment Destination Series – Learn about Investment in Vancouver Part 2: Technology Sector

Published on: Oct 29, 2017

As a hub for investment in innovation, Vancouver is one of the most attractive cities for new technologies in North America. It is also the origin of three Canadian tech companies to reach unicorn status. About 75% of BC’s 101,000 tech professionals work in Vancouver.

Vancouver is now on the industry map such that Bloomberg Businessweek has called it “the new tech hub,” a place offering “world-class talent and few immigration headaches” as well as “great views in a convenient time zone.” – Vancouver Economic Commission

Let’s take a look of some features of Vancouver’s technology sector.

About NAI500 Investment Destination Series

China’s outbound investments are highly increasing these years. With the rise of the upper-middle-class and affluent households and the growth of the size and scope of China’s consumer market, Chinese funds, enterprises and other large scale investors have focused on outbound investments, trade sales and licensing deals as their strategic focus.

With these trends, Chinese investors often ask themselves the following questions:

  • Where shall we invest?
  • What sectors, projects and companies are worth investigating?
  • How about the cultural and language barrier?

NAI500 Investment Destination Series will bring readers an in-depth introduction of top investment destinations in the world. From a general introduction of the city to details in each sector, we hope to walk you through the advantages of these investment destinations.


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