Meet Tomorrow’s Needs – Invest in the Healthcare Revolutionaries at GCFF on Jun 16, 2022

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Published on: May 26, 2022
Author: Editor

Healthcare stocks may offer long-term potential!

Healthcare does not dominate the market like big tech, but it offers investors valuable long-term opportunity potential. Under the current pressure of the high inflation rate and the turbulent stock market, Bank of America has recently revealed that its clients begins to buy healthcare stocks.

Innovative med-tech also offers the ability to blend technology with healthcare and drive future growth. Med-tech has opened a new opportunity for health care beyond the traditional pharmacy, insurance, facility, and device industries present in the health care sector. It provides a new frontier for the health care sector and investors.

Nowadays, about $8.3 trillion is spent on healthcare globally. With the healthcare sector growing significantly faster than the overall global economy, these numbers will almost certainly be much larger by the end of the decade. How can investors profit from this growth?

Here we are! The GCFF Virtual Conference 2022 – Healthcare Investment Conference (North America), a free online webinar, will be held on June 16, 2022. Finding the next major market mover means looking at the cutting edge of new treatments, technologies and medical devices! Click here to register for the event. It’s free!

What companies are presenting at this healthcare event? Here are some of the participating companies. More information about the speakers can be found on the event site.

GCFF Jun 2022 companies

The up-and-coming small-cap healthcare companies provide some of the most impressive growth opportunities. This event will provide retail investors with:

✓ The latest trends in small cap healthcare investing.

✓ Understanding the opportunities presented by the pharmaceuticals, medical devices, health technology and other healthcare sectors.

✓ Hearing directly from CEOs about their projects and new technologies.

Save the date! Don’t miss out on the exciting opportunities on June 16, 2022. See you there!

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