High Grade Gold Discoveries in Mali – Roscan Gold PDAC2022

Roscan Gold
Published on: July 5, 2022
Author: Editor

As one of the biggest gold producers in the world, Mali attracts many gold exploration companies to explore the district. Mr. Nana Bompeh Sangmuah, the President and CEO of RoscanGold Corp. (TSXV: ROS), sat down with us at PDAC 2022, and talked about how Roscan operates in Mali. If you want to learn more about Mali’s gold mining industry, don’t miss out on this episode!

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Roscan Gold Corporation (TSXV: ROS) is a Canadian public company listed on the TSX Venture Exchange, which is focused on expanding our resource footprint in West Africa. The Kandiole Project consists of our exploration properties located in West Mali. The Company has assembled a significant land position in the prolific gold prospective Birimian rocks of west Mali and continues its efforts to acquire further permits in this region with the goal to expand its existing land package in West Africa.

NAI500 covered the leading mining opportunities at this year’s PDAC, the world’s largest annual mining conference, to find the most interesting opportunities for investors.

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