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Published on: Apr 6, 2023
Author: Editor

Since our first interview with Revolve Renewable Power Corp. (TSXV: REVV) last November, the company has made great strides. The share price has gained over 54% during the past five months. Revolve’s Energy Generation Revenue has also surged by 405% compared to the first quarter of FY2023. Moreover, the company successfully sold the Bouse Solar & Storage and Parker Solar & Storage projects to ENGIE on January 11, 2023, which included an upfront payment of US$2M.

This time, we are delighted to welcome back Mr. Omar Bojorquez, President and Director, to elaborate on Revolve’s recent progress. He talked about some key highlights of the Q2 FY2023, illustrated the significance of the transaction early this year, and updated us regarding the company’s BESS Project in Cancun, Mexico. He concluded by outlining the near-term catalysts for the investors to follow and how the business would continue to stay active and expand its portfolios. Stay tuned for more!

About Revolve Renewable Power Corp. (TSXV: REVV)

Revolve Renewable Power Corp. (TSXV: REVV) is a developer of renewable energy projects across the US and Mexico focusing on wind, solar, and battery storage technologies. Revolve diversified its portfolio through two different business models: utility-scale projects and distributed generation (DG) projects.

Revolve was formed in 2012 to capitalize on the growing global demand for renewable power. Revolve develops utility-scale wind, solar and battery storage projects in the US and Mexico with a portfolio of approx. 2,350MW under development. The Company has a second division, Revolve Renewable Business Solutions which installs and operates sub 20MW “behind the meter” distributed generation (or “DG”) assets. Revolve Renewable Business Solutions currently has an operating portfolio of 2.85MW with an additional 6.2MW under construction phase and 71.8MW under development.

Revolve has an accomplished management team with a demonstrated track record of taking projects from “greenfield” through to “ready to build” (or “RTB”) status and successfully concluding project sales to large operators of utility-scale renewable energy projects. To-date, Revolve has developed and sold over 1,550MW of projects. Going forward, Revolve is targeting 5,000MW of utility-scale projects under development in the US and Mexico, and in parallel is rapidly growing its portfolio of revenue-generating DG (distributed generation) assets. For more information, visit the website.

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