A Gold Stock and a Pharma Stock Set to Make Millionaires

Published on: Mar 29, 2024
Author: Amy Liu
  • Galiano Gold (GAU): record throughput and high recovery rates signify operational excellence.
  • Kezar (KZR): revenue diversification and demonstrated growth potential through strategic partnerships.
  • All the above companies utilize partnerships with other industry players to expand market reach and accelerate product development.

A range of stocks attracts bold investors. Galiano Gold’s excellent recovery rates and record-breaking throughput indicate a gold mine of opportunities. Kezar is a beacon of technological advancement in the biotech sector. Strategic alliances guide the company’s clinical trials and drug development.

Galiano Gold

Galiano Gold’s (GAU) high metallurgical recovery rate and milling capabilities enhance the company’s market value. In Q4 2023, Galiano Gold processed 1.5 million metric tons of ore by using its milling operations. The company’s ore throughput is increasing steadily, and the company’s milling operations have been able to increase their throughput to 1.5 million metric tons of ore. The steady increase in ore throughput indicates excellent operations and a well-managed milling process.

Additionally, In Q4, Galiano Gold’s metallurgical recovery rate was 84%. The high recovery rate demonstrates how well the company’s ore processing technology can extract gold from mined ore. Profitability and maximizing gold production depend on effective recovery rates.

In addition, Galiano Gold produced 31,947 ounces of gold in Q4. As seen by production of 134,077 ounces in 2023, this amount further contributes to the general trend of higher throughout of the year. Ultimately, this year’s production exceeded the upper limit of the updated production forecast of 120,000-130,000 ounces. Overall, such steady production growth demonstrates the operational expertise of the business and its ability to meet and exceed targets.


Performance is critical when assessing the valuation potential of Kezar (KZR). As of 2023, Kezar has cash of $201.4 million compared to $276.6 million in 2022. Operating cash used to advance preclinical R&D and clinical-stage activities is the primary reason for the decrease in cash reserves. The decrease in cash reserves reflects expenditures used by the company as part of its development pipeline, including clinical trials and research efforts.

Notably, Kezar announced revenues of $7.0 million in 2023 as a result of an upfront payment made as part of a collaboration and license agreement with Everest Medicines. The revenue generated through the collaboration demonstrates Kezar’s ability to leverage strategic alliances to diversify revenue streams and support operations.

Finally, research and development expenses increased to $22.6 million in Q4 of 2023 from $14.9 million in 2022. R&D costs increased to $85.7 million in 2023 from $51.0 million in 2022. Kezar is investing in clinical programs, particularly the PALIZADE and PORTOLA trials. Therefore, this is reflected in the rising R&D costs, demonstrating the company’s commitment to drug research and innovation.

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