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Published on: Oct 27, 2021
Author: Editor

The Russell 2000 small cap index grew 42% in the past year, surpassing the S&P 500 index by almost 8%! REGISTER TODAY to catch on to more small-cap stocks! 

Which stocks have brought investors more than 30% returns?

If you attended our previous GCFF events, you might have met these companies already. Did you buy in at the right time?

POET Technologies (TSXV: PTK) +112% since Nov 2020 event.

Lineage Cell Therapeutics (NYSE American: LCTX) +80% since Nov 2020 event.

Learn about the exciting and profitable world of small-cap investing! Small-cap investing has traditionally provided investors with one of the highest growth potentials. Small-cap companies provide some of the most innovative projects in the market and typically at significantly lower valuations than blue-chip stocks.

Covering all sectors including Technology, Healthcare, Consumer Goods, Clean-tech and more, the GCFF Virtual Conference 2021 Main Event – Small Cap Investing will provide its viewers with an up-front look at the latest opportunities in the small-cap world. Join us on November 4th.

New Features at this Event

  • Announcing the top 5 performing stocks of the year in the conference
  • Voting for your favorite presenting company during the day
  • Chance to win $50 gift card if your questions to companies are being picked by the host

Which companies are presenting?

GCFF Nov 2021 logos

Learn more from these videos!

See you at the event! Register now! GCFF Virtual Conference 2021 Main Event – Small Cap Investing, Thursday November 4, 2021, 8am – 1pm PST (11am – 4pm EST). 

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