This Company’s update Indicates Growing Market Acceptance for Cryptocurrency Payment

Published on: September 23, 2021
Author: NAI500

Mobilum announces record monthly transaction volume, supporting claims of growing market acceptance of cryptocurrency payment

If there was any doubt that the crypto market’s taking off in a big way, Mobilum’s latest record monthly transaction volumes might be enough to settle the debate, indicating a growing market acceptance of cryptocurrency payment.

On September 16, the Company announced that wholly-owned subsidiary Mobilum OÜ generated an estimated Total Transaction Volume (TTV) in the area of CAD$7.7 million. That figure represents a whopping 44% month-over-month growth.

Mobilum is a licensed financial institution making it easier for businesses to offer their clients fiat-to-cryptocurrency payment solutions with simple-to-use, fully compliant digital payment infrastructure and digital asset management technologies.

“We are very pleased to see significant strength in our total transaction volume month over month as we continue to execute on our growth strategy,” said Mobilum CEO Wojciech Kaszycki. “With the launch of more services in the coming weeks in response to customer and market demand, we anticipate substantial growth in all lines of business, including the newly launched”

US’s AMC now accepting Cryptocurrency

Moviegoers rejoice – more cryptocurrency payment options are coming to a theatre near you.

Movie-theatre chain giant AMC recently announced that in addition to Bitcoin, it would now also be accepting Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin derivative, Bitcoin Cash for online and concession payments.

Addressing “cryptocurrency enthusiasts” via Twitter post, AMC CEO Adam Aron confirmed the decision, adding that cryptocurrency payments are expected to go live by 2021 year-end.

Reddit users were quick to diagnose the implications of the decision on the popular discussion forum. One user commented, “While I don’t think this is going to make any of these coins do any parabolic movements as a result, to me this is just another awesome step in the global adoption of crypto as a whole.”

This is just the latest example of big corporations opening their arms to cryptocurrency payments despite growing concerns over the environmental impact of mining crypto.

What else did Mobilum announce?

Readers may have noted that Mobilum shared the announcement of record monthly transaction volumes with the message that it had just launched its newest project:

Mobilum’s wholly-owned subsidiary XPort Digital Limited has officially released, one of the world’s fastest fiat-to-crypto on-ramp platforms. The service takes all the hassle out of cryptocurrency payments by eliminating arduous account setup and login requirements necessary on crypto exchanges and other on-ramping platforms.

Instead, with, all users need to do to process payments is input their email and crypto wallet addresses, pass KYC requirements, and then get their crypto. The entire process can be completed in seconds, and users will get their crypto within minutes.

The platform offers highly competitive rates, and there are no hidden fees or secondary exchange rates. supports cryptocurrency payment with nearly all fiat currencies.

XPort Digital has also launched a new B2B white-label widget. The on-ramping widget was designed to integrate seamlessly with existing websites and apps and set up within hours. The widget provides multiple fiat gateways and an all-in-one package that includes a fully customizable user interface, making it simple for app developers to market the widget to their current user base.

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