Aether Holdings, Inc.


We are an emerging financial technology platform company that offers proprietary research analytics, data and tools for equity traders through our flagship platform, By harnessing the power of technology equipped with artificial intelligence (“AI”) tools to conduct research together with human analytical skill sets, we seek to empower our users with tools and wisdom for informed decision.

Our platform currently supports North American equities and options, evaluating the equities market and options market at a rapid pace, conducting multiple assessments every second. Our platform thrives on sentiment trading, seamlessly integrating fintech advancements, and harnessing the potential of deep learning techniques.

Investment Highlights

  • Leadership
    • Led by industry veterans with proven track records in fintech and data analytics.
  • Innovation
    • Over 10 years of extensive R&D, continually refining and expanding our suite of financial tools.
  • Expertise
    • Merging human acumen with AI-assisted analytics to masterfully navigate the capital markets.
  • Specialization
    • Centrally focused on North American equities and options.
  • Presence
    • Strategically located in New York and Vancouver.


  • Current Products
    • Data & Tech
      • IndicatorEdgeHQ
      • DataEdge API
      • Proprietary Backtest Engine 2.0
    • Analysis Report
      • SentimentEdge Report
      • ModelEdge Report
      • Kaeppel’s Corner Report
    • Actionable Strategies
      • PortfolioEdge
      • Macro Index Trading Strategies
      • AI Stock Scanner
  • Products in Development
    • Report AI (Aiva Turing)
    • Backtest Engine 3.0 AI
    • Option AI

Management Profiles

Jaclyn Wu Director

Jaclyn holds over 15 years in finance, marked by her engagement in 100+ seminars that empowered investors. A member of the PCMA Dealing Representative Advisory Committee and a distinguished qualifier of the MDRT Association, she co-founded Monic Financial, emphasizing her leadership in the sector.

Nicolas Lin Director

Nicolas brings a decade of corporate finance acumen, specializing in U.S. transactions and often representing Asian clientele. His board experiences span from companies like Moxian, Inc. (NASDAQ: MOXC), Flewber Global, Inc. (NASDAQ: FLYF) and St James Gold Corp. (TSX-V: LORD; OTCQB: LRDJF), underscoring his expertise in guiding both U.S. and Canadian markets.

Francis Cid Director

Francis has over 25 years in investment banking, handling capital formation and advisory for diverse industries, including private and public firms. He's sector-neutral in capital raising, working with pre-revenue startups to Nano and micro-cap public companies.