Blockchain Foundry Inc. (CSE: BCFN)


Blockchain Foundry Inc. develops and commercializes blockchain-based business solutions and provides consulting services to corporate clients seeking to leverage blockchain technology in their businesses.

The principals of Blockchain Foundry have been developing blockchain infrastructure since 2013, including creating and deploying the Syscoin public blockchain protocol which was initialized in 2014. The Company has recently introduced proprietary infrastructure layers to Syscoin, including Z-DAG, a scaling solution that allows for transaction speeds of up to 140,000 transactions per second, and the Syscoin Ethereum bridge, a decentralized finance (“DeFi”) application which enables ERC-20 tokens to move back and forth between the Syscoin and Ethereum blockchains. Powered by a series of Ethereum smart contracts and Simple Payment Verification (“SPV”) proofs, the bridge is fully trustless, does not require the use of counterparties, and has no liquidity limitations. The bridge allows Ethereum projects to benefit from Syscoin’s lower fees, higher speed, throughput and increased scalability.

Blockchain Foundry uses its proprietary technology as well as open source blockchain technology to build solutions for clients across industries including digital identity, financial services and token wallet infrastructure. Many of Blockchain Foundry’s blockchain innovations are proprietary IP and the Company is exploring ways to productize these innovations in the future.

The Company reported revenue of $514K for the most recent quarter ended March 31, 2020, up from $133K for the quarter ended March 31, 2019. The Company also holds ~3.8 million Syscoin digital tokens.

Stock Chart

Share Structure

As of March 31, 2020
Shares Issued 78,157,742
Warrants 1,333,333
Options 7,471,659
Fully Diluted 86,962,734

Investment Highlights

  • Focused on blockchain research and development, consulting, and integration.
  • Experts in asset tokenization, digital identities and other blockchain applications.
  • Growing consulting and implementation business with many potential productization opportunities.
  • Blockchain agnostic approach to solution development.


  • Thought leaders in digital/decentralized identity: founding member of the Decentralized Identity Foundation (, client work includes developing key infrastructure to power a decentralized identity solution for a large Canadian financial institution.
  • Experts in stablecoin development and tokenization projects. Client work includes the LODE Community ( which is creating a gold and silver payment ecosystem backed by digital tokens. Partnered with Blockchain Intelligence Group ( to deliver stablecoin solutions.

Management Profiles

Dan Wasyluk CEO

● 14 years of experience in software engineering, UI/UX development and team management.
● Involved with blockchain technology since 2013 and co-founder of Syscoin.
● Specialized in UI/UX design and development, API development and blockchain applications.
● Bachelor of Science, Rochester Institute of Technology.

Chris Marsh President & CFO

● 12 years of experience in investment banking and corporate development for a leading investment bank in Canada.
● Bachelor of Commerce, Queen’s University; Masters in Finance, London Business School.

Jag Sidhu CTO

● 20 years of experience in software engineering and development.
● Involved with blockchain technology since 2013 and co-founder of Syscoin.
● Specialized in machine learning, artificial intelligence, client/server development and distributed systems.
● Bachelor of Technology, Computer Science, British Columbia Institute of Technology.

Marc Nicholson CSO

● 15 years of experience in sales.
● Previous experience at Kraft Foods, TD Bank Group, Traction on Demand, and GSD Company.
● Bachelor of Commerce, University of Northern British Columbia.