Pulsar Helium Inc. (TSXV:PLSR)


Pulsar Helium Inc. is a dedicated explorer and developer of helium, with assets in the USA and Greenland. A global helium shortage has persisted for >10 years which has impacted its main applications in superconducting magnets, fiber optic cable manufacturing, space launch, leak detection, lifting and diving, to name a few. The price of helium has risen accordingly, with gaseous helium selling for in excess of U$625 per thousand cubic feet, and liquid helium in excess of U$1,000 (for reference, natural gas is approximately U$4).

Most of the world’s helium is produced as a byproduct of hydrocarbons, but not Pulsar’s projects. They have ‘primary’ helium projects where helium is the primary economic driver. Pulsar’s flagship project is the Topaz Project in the USA, which has been drilled and flowing a remarkably high helium concentration of 13.8%. (concentrations of 0.3% helium or greater are considered economically viable). Pulsar is taking the first step toward fast tracking Topaz.

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As of Dec 2023
Shares Issued 74,140,288
Warrants 11,357,330
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Fully Diluted 85,497,618

Investment Highlights

  • Topaz Project
    • Highest grade development project in North America (10.5% helium)
    • First mover in Minnesota
    • A new discovery, not an historic gas field that has been depleted
    • Has been drilled and helium discovered at depth in a free gas phase
    • Appraisal drilling program in February 2024
  • Tunu Project
    • First helium project in Greenland
    • Discovered by the Pulsar team in 2021
    • One of few helium occurrences in Europe
    • Helium is on the EU’s list of critical raw materials
  • Pulsar team
    • Founders have been in the helium industry for a decade
    • Board of directors have a track record of turning discoveries into value for shareholders


The Topaz Helium Project, 100% owned, Minnesota, USA

The Topaz project was discovered by accident in 2011 when an exploration company drilled for nickel, but instead intercepted the previously unknown high-helium content gas. Two samples of the gas were sent for analysis – one to a commercial laboratory and the other to the University of Toronto – reporting a helium content of 10.5%.

Prior to sealing the well, the gas flowed for four days with no observed decline in pressure, with rudimentary field measurements reporting a gas velocity exceeding 150 km/hr (the upper limit of the anemometer’s capability). When the gas was deemed safe and non-combustible, the well was sealed off and abandoned. The team at Pulsar then acquired leases over the discovery area.

The Topaz Project is located on private mineral rights for which Pulsar has an exclusive lease, with adjacent additional prospective ground. Further applications have been submitted with private mineral rights owners and the Federal and State Governments for proximal areas of interest.

The Topaz discovery is a unique geological occurrence and represents the first recognised example of a novel geologic setting in which high-helium deposits can accumulate. Fortunately, Pulsar does not have a cold start on this, as the geology of the region is well studied, being nearby to significant mineral extraction operations.

The short-term work programme for 2023 is to drill an appraisal well within 20m of the 2011 discovery well and carry out down-hole testing to determine the characteristics of the helium-bearing reservoir. The task is then to fast-track the discovery toward a feasibility study, resource update and ultimately, production.

The Tunu Helium Project, 100% owned, Greenland

Pulsar is the first mover exploring for helium in Greenland, having received the only license of its kind that gives exclusive rights for the exploration of helium, hydrogen and all other minerals (excluding hydrocarbons and radioactive elements).

An extremely large exclusive land position covering an area of 2,772km2, that is Europe facing. Gas analyses from hot springs has identified helium contents up to 0.8% that are not associated with hydrocarbons.

Access is good with an international airport, and not being located in a National Park.  The project is also on the east coast which is Europe facing, with the EU having placed helium on its list of critical raw materials in 2021.

Management Profiles

Thomas (Tom) Abraham-James President, CEO and Director

Tom is a co-founder of the Company and geologist by training and has over 17 years of experience in the mineral resource industry. He started his career with Rio Tinto at the Argyle Diamond Mine and later became the exploration manager for Platina Resources Ltd. Tom co-founded Helium One Global Ltd., the first dedicated helium exploration company, where he served as CEO.
Tom has been involved in the development of helium exploration methodology, co-authoring numerous publications, including "The principles of helium exploration".
Tom is a Fellow of the AusIMM and Competent Person for Geology (FAusIMM(CP)), Fellow of the Geological Society of London (FGSL), and Fellow of the Society for Economic Geologists (FSEG). He holds a Bachelor of Science (geology) with honors (1st class) from the Australian National University. Tom's expertise in mineral resources, specifically the helium industry, makes him an asset to the Company.

Neil Herbert Executive Chair and Director

Neil is a businessman with over 30 years of experience in finance. He is a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and holds a Joint Honours Degree in Economics and Economic History from the University of Leicester.
Neil's career includes his role as Co-Chairman and Managing Director of AIM quoted Polo Resources Limited until May 2013. He was also Finance Director of start-up uranium company UraMin Inc. from 2005, during which he worked to float the company on AIM and the Toronto Stock Exchange, raise c.US$400 million in equity financing, and negotiate the sale of the group for US$2.5 billion in 2007.
Mr. Herbert is the former Chairman of both AIM listed Helium One Global Ltd and Premier African Minerals Ltd. He is currently Executive of Atlantic Lithium Ltd.

Dan O'Brien CFO

Dan is a member of the Institute of Chartered Professional Accountants of British Columbia. Dan is the President of Golden Oak and he is also CFO for a number of private and publicly listed exploration companies trading on the TSXV. Mr. O'Brien was previously a senior manager at a leading Canadian accounting firm where he specialized in the audit of public companies in the mining and resource sector.

Josh Bluett Technical Manager

Josh is a geologist and has led technical teams in the development of new primary helium plays globally. He is a co-founder of the Company. In 2013, he recognized the helium potential in Tanzania, and was a co-founder of Helium One Global Ltd. He has extensive technical experience in resource exploration in Australia and sub-Saharan Africa, combining geology, geophysics, and geochemistry.
In 2016, Josh played a key role in establishing the first helium resources at the Rukwa Basin Project in Tanzania. Prior to his work with the Company and Helium One Global Ltd., he held senior geologist roles in petroleum and base metal exploration in Australia, the U.S.A., and Uganda, including at Armour Energy, where he was involved in the early definition of some of the largest unconventional hydrocarbon plays in Australia.
Josh holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (Geoscience) from the Queensland University of Technology, Australia, and has co-authored numerous academic publications on helium geochemistry and exploration.