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  • What is the Global Chinese Financial Forum?
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Organized by NAI Interactive, the Global Chinese Financial Forum (GCFF) is the most prominent series of bi-lingual financial functions in both North America and China. Established in 2000, GCFF’s mandate is to provide a world-class platform connecting both the China and North American financial markets. We bring together companies, financial institutions and investors who are interested in exploring new investment opportunities. With an extensive network covering both the North American and Chinese markets, GCFF is supported by a strong foundation of financial resources. This enables GCFF to organize resourceful financial events that facilitate business growth and networks among financial institutions, public companies, private companies, and investors of all levels.

Upcoming Events

Shenzhen Investing in North American Innovation Conference 2018 (November 29, 2018)

GCFF Vancouver Resources Conference 2019 (January 19th, 2019)

Previous GCFF Conferences


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