GCFF Shenzhen Conference 2017

GCFF Shenzhen Conference 2017
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About the Event

China’s economy is transforming into a consumer-driven market. China’s consumer economy is projected to grow by $2.3 trillion, to $6.5 trillion, by 2020 (Source: The Boston Consulting Group). The three main forces behind this transition are: the rise of the upper-middle-class and affluent households as the drivers of consumption growth; a new generation of freer-spending, sophisticated consumers; and the increasingly powerful role of e-commerce. The demand for premium goods and services such as healthy foods and healthcare will accelerate. The prevalence of counterfeits in China has turned consumers away from domestically produced products, and towards western products that are seen as higher quality and trustworthy. With China’s economy entering an important transition phase, it is a perfect time to develop a winning Chinese growth strategy. Held in one of China’s foremost centers for outbound investments, the Global Chinese Financial Forum – Shenzhen Conference 2017 will bring together North American opportunities with high net worth Chinese investors, funds and companies eager to invest in overseas companies.  




  • Previously Arranged Private Meetings
    • One-on-one private meetings with high net worth investors, institutional investors and funds.
  • Networking and Exhibition Opportunities
    • Over 150 pre-vetted and invited investors representing funds, private enterprises, family offices and high net worth individuals.
  • Corporate Presentations
    • Presentation opportunities in front of pre-qualified Chinese investors.
  • Comprehensive Bilingual Support
    • Full Chinese and English interpretation support for presentations, meetings and marketing materials.


Beach Head for China Outreach:
  • Debut with high net worth Chinese investors, funds, and industrial players and access potential funding sources from China through:
  • Corporate presentations
  • Pre-arranged private meetings
  • Pre and post-conference marketing campaigns
  • Distribution of company materials
Face to Face Networking Opportunities:
  • Prequalified investors from private companies, publicly listed companies, private equity firms, venture capital firms, high net worth individuals and state owned enterprise
Full Chinese Interpretation Support:
  • Corporate presentations with professional Chinese interpretation
  • Professional Chinese translation of company fact sheet, corporate presentation and other marketing materials

Past Attended and Invited Chinese Investors include

Contact us for presentation opportunity to attending Chinese investors!  Henry Wong

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