Copper Opportunity: Kintavar Exploration Inc

LOGO_KTR-1-1 Kintavar Exploration (TSXV KTR)

Ticker Symbol: TSXV: KTR

Metals: Copper, Gold

Category: Exploration

Project Location: Quebec, Canada

Company Website:

Kintavar Exploration

Company Profile

Kintavar Exploration was started in 2017 to explore for gold and copper in Quebec in the under explored areas of the Grenville geological province. In 2018 Kintavar discovered the Mitchi project, the first stratiform copper project in Quebec and has since raised over $10M. With an exploration target of 1 to 2 Billion pounds of copper and multiple shallow open pit potential, it could become one of Canada’s largest copper projects. Amenable to traditional flotation with 80% recovery and up to 59% copper concentrate. The project is already connected to the grid with power lines, roads, gas stations and over 100 accommodations owned and operated by the company (cash generating).

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