Gold Opportunity: xTra-Gold Resources

XG_Logo_Full Xtra-Gold Resources Corp. (TSX: XTG)

Ticker Symbol: TSX: XTG

Metals: Gold

Category: Exploration

Project Location: The Republic of Ghana

Company Website:

Company Profile

Xtra-Gold Resources Corp. (“Xtra-Gold” or the “Company”) is focused on proving up a significant gold resource on their Kibi Gold Belt in Ghana, West Africa. Ghana was formally known as the “Gold Coast” when it was a British Colony, and is political one of the most stable countries in Africa (strong democracy and British Common Law legal system). Xtra-Gold has one of the last unexplored gold belts left in Ghana, and has already made a significant gold discovery. The Company’s properties are in close proximity to Newmont Mining Corporation Akyem Mine, which has a resource of over 10 million ounces and producing 400,000 plus ounces per year.

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