Rare Earth Opportunity: Geomega Resources Inc.

GMA_NEW Geomega Resources Inc. (TSXV GMA)

Ticker Symbol: TSXV: GMA

Metals: Rare Earth

Category: Development

Project Location: Quebec, Canada

Company Website: https://ressourcesgeomega.ca/

Geomega image

Company Profile

Geomega Resources is a rare earth elements (REE) company focused on technology and processing to establish REE recycling and downstream processing in North America that has been in the sector for 10 years. It discovered the Montviel project in Quebec in 2011 and in 2015 and has developed proprietary technology to produce REE concentrates using a low energy and low acid consuming process.

Since 2015, the company has been focused on developing its proprietary processing technology for REE and has developed a technology for recycling REE permanent magnets. It is now advancing towards building the first REE refining and recycling plant, outside of Asia. Completion of the build and the start of production is expected in 2020.

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