With Oil Prices Hitting a 5 month high, Should Investors Consider Owning Oil and Gas Producing Wells in the US?

Wright Drilling
Published on: April 9, 2019
Author: Rebecca Hung

With oil prices hitting a 5 month high due to US jobs numbers and the continued conflict in Libya, investments in the energy sector are something that savvy investors are paying attention to. Wright Drilling & Exploration, Inc. offers investors a new way to invest in US Oil and Gas, providing direct ownership of wells and the oil revenues that they produce.

Learn about direct investment in US Oil and Gas Wells with Michael Wright, CEO and Chairman of Wright Drilling & Explorations, during their presentation at the GCFF Vancouver Conference 2019 – Investing in Innovation on April 13th!

Presentation time: 11:10 am to 11:30 am

Learn about their new Robert Wayne project in Oklahoma here!

Wright Drilling & Exploration, Inc. is an emergent North Texas-based oil and gas company specializing in limited liability companies with direct participation drilling and exploration ventures. The company was built on a solid foundation of trust and proven team with 300+ years of combined professional experience in the oil and gas industry. Wright Drilling & Exploration possesses the integrity and expertise to help its partners prosper in oil & gas drilling and exploration for their generational wealth. Partnership offerings include diverse multiple-well drilling packages prepared by multiple proven geologists and span over multiple states and counties.

GCFF Vancouver Conference 2019 – Investing in Innovation
Date: Saturday, April 13, 2019
Time: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Location: Executive Hotel Vancouver Airport
Address: 7311 Westminster Hwy, Richmond BC

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