What’s the Future of Advertising Technology? – NAI500 Special Coverage on APPIX Technologies

Published on: November 3, 2020
Author: Fann Li

As part of NAI500’s coverage of the next GCFF Virtual Conference – Diversified Investing Strategies that will be held on November 5, 2020, we are covering one of our privately held start-ups that is making a big splash in the world of advertising technology. With their smartphone broadcast technology that has already been deployed at major events and venues, APPIX Technologies is poised to change how companies interact with their customers on a face-to-face level through their smartphones.

We sat down with Martin Pasek, CFO and Director at APPIX Technologies get a better understanding about the technology, its applications and the future plans of this exciting startup.

Ever since smartphones became prevalent, we’ve heard a lot of about their potential uses for advertising technology.  What breakthroughs have APPIX developed in this space?

In 2018, APPIX invented an entirely new smartphone broadcast technology with absolutely NO need for a connection to a cellular network, WiFi, or Bluetooth handshakes. APPIX has patents pending in over 50 countries, including many in Asia; China and Hong Kong.

APPIX’s breakthrough technology allows enterprises to instantly broadcast advertisements and marketing promotions to smartphones, based on the users location. It provides a captive target segment to receive highly curated information. Simple to use click-through capabilities allow smartphone users to be directly connected to business online stores, coupons and countless other promotions.  Advertisers can directly track their ROI while also knowing exactly how many users are going to receive their marketing and promotional activities, when and where.

What pain points can APPIX’s technology address for its clients?

APPIX addresses an immediate global need for inexpensive, secure, instant, privacy protected, and dependable broadcasts to smartphones, even during power outages. Although one of the prime uses is for cost effective advertising and product placement, APPIX is seeing an increasing interest in its other product functionalities; emergency, public health and safety alerts, user engagement, and second screen content.

Has this technology already been deployed?

APPIX came out of stealth mode May 2019 and has already been deployed and seen by over a million people with Fortune 500 clients that include the UFC, Red Bull, Shaw Telecommunications, Disney/Pixar and a 55 date New Kids On The Block concert tour. APPIX was also endorsed by the Event Safety Alliances of America & Canada in November 2019.

The technology sounds like it has a lot of uses for enterprise clients.  What’s the usual sales cycle like for getting these clients onboarded?

 With the recent post Covid launch of APPIX’s latest release APPIX ANYWHERE, the sales cycle has been reduced to mere days, from the client’s first call to their first activation.  With just a few weeks’ notice, APPIX recently worked with one of Canada’s largest Telecoms for a 10,000 person confidential internal product launch that worked more reliably than the enterprise’s usual broadcast network.

As we all know, COVID-19 is the big topic for investors.  How does the global pandemic affect your business?

APPIX was initially focused on live events as the primary go-to-market segments due to their high adoption rate of new technologies. However with the shutdown of all public gatherings, APPIX has launched APPIX ANYWHERE, now enabling the incredible APPIX technology and features to be used for almost any kind of live virtual/remote event, from webinars, streaming conferences, to zoom calls, drive-in events and countless others.  Furthermore, APPIX has focused its marketing activities on enterprises that must continue to remain open including schools, corporates, and public transportation, while continuing to assist sports and entertainments clients on their gradual re-openings in a COVID-Safe manner.

APPIX is currently beginning another round of fundraising.  Can you share with us some of the details of this raise and what your use of proceeds will be?

APPIX has already raised and deployed over $2 million in Management, Angel and non-dilutive funding. It is now offering a select group of High Net Worth Individuals, Angel Investors, and Family Offices the opportunity to invest into the company prior to a higher priced $5 million institutional round expected over the next few months.

These funds will be primarily used to hire more sales and marketing staff as well as continuing software development on APPIX features and streamlining our user-interfaces, so that literally anyone can use APPIX, anywhere, anytime.

To learn more about our raise, accredited investors should email: [email protected]

We thank APPIX for taking the time to contact us.

Learn more about APPIX on November 5, 2020, where their CEO, James Brett, will be presenting at 12:00pm PST, 3:00pm EST.  Click here to Register!


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