China to Build 1.4 Million 5G Base Stations by End of 2021

Published on: Jul 27, 2021
Author: Amy Liu

China’s big three state telecommunications operators are likely to reach 1.4 million fifth-generation base stations by the end of this year, per statistics from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

China Mobile has the biggest 5G network in the country, with over half a million 5G base stations, while China Telecom and China Unicom have jointly opened 478,000 ones. By the end of the year, China Mobile will reach 700,000 units, making up half of the country’s total. It will basically cover all urban areas, as well as key villages and towns.

The penetration rate of 5G in China’s large industrial companies will reach 35 percent by 2023, according to the Chinese government’s 14th Five-Year Plan on 5G application, implemented in the middle of this month.

China set up almost 820,000 5G base stations by the end of March, accounting for over 70 percent of the global total, and forming the world’s largest Standalone 5G network, Liu Liehong, vice minister of the MIIT, said in May.

Source: Yicai Global