Stocks Find Support After Meltdown

Published on: September 29, 2021
Author: Daniel Kovach


Stocks have finally found support at 4350, after a massive selloff yesterday. We cut through several major levels, and have solidly breached the 4300 handle. Currently, we are seeing a bit of a lift from 4350, reaching a resistance level at 4388. There is a red triangle on the KRI, suggesting we may see a rejection of this level. If so, we could retrace back to 4350 and then some. If we see momentum come through, then there is a vacuum zone above to 408. The Kovach OBV is still very bearish, however.


Stocks find support at 4350.


Bitcoin has found support at $40.8K. We have tested this level several times. The more comfortable BTC is at this level, the more confident it will be to break it. We aren’t seeing sufficient momentum to this small rally to conclude that a bull run is anywhere near. The next technical level below is $40K, and that is the final barrier to the $30K handle. The Kovach OBV is bearish, but has picked up slightly to reflect support. We will have to break $43.1K, then $45K for BTC to be considered bullish again.


Bitcoin finds support just above $40K.

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