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Published on: Jul 15, 2021
Author: Editor

Since their heyday in March this year, cryptocurrency and decentralized finance assets have lost a lot of their value. While this has been a tough time for new crypto investors, the volatility has been a boon for traders.

DEFI Technologies (NEO: DEFI) (GR: RMJR) (OTC: DEFTF) has been at the forefront of investing in, incubating, and developing decentralized finance since its inception in early 2021. Learn more about DEFI Technologies and how they’re bringing the DEFI market to traditional capital market investors in today’s NAI500 CEO Interview.

Part 2 of our coverage of DEFI Technologies. See our first video introducing DEFI Technologies here.

About DeFi Technologies Inc. (NEO: DEFI)

At DeFi Technologies Inc., our mission is to give institutional and retail investors easy access to previously unseen returns through this newly emerged decentralized financial market. We help drive investments into decentralized finance and incubate new projects to further develop ground-breaking protocols that will continue to fundamentally reshape the global financial system. For more information, please visit their profile page and our recent client coverage.

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