Amidst Inflation and Reflation Fears, Robert Kiyosaki Pushes Silver Investing

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Published on: April 5, 2022
Author: Philip Tai

As inflation and recession fears permeated the market in late March, Robert Kiyosaki, famed author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, tweeted his support for silver as the commodity of choice for the immediate future. So, why is Kiyosaki an advocate of silver investing? Let’s take a look at an example of a red-hot silver stock that you should consider following.

Kiyosaki Tweets “Recession and crash coming” as Inflation Fears Rise

Kiyosaki spent the latter days of March tweeting of the impending financial apocalypse painting a grim picture of the U.S. economy and projecting the collapse of the US dollar.  His comments coincided with the 2-year and the 10-year Treasury yields inverting for the first time since 2019, a possible recession signal.

The current geopolitical situation with the war in Ukraine and sanctions against Russia are another reason why Kiyosaki believes that the US dollar is in danger of collapse.

Silver or Tuna? Kiyosaki’s Argument for Silver Investing

Kiyosaki has always been a  proponent of silver investing claiming that “silver is the only commodity you can use for a currency and for industrial purposes.”  With inflationary fears rising, he has taken a humourous approach to why investors should look at silver.

Should Investors Look at Exploration Silver Stocks?

Joking aside, silver has had a great run since the beginning of the pandemic, rising over 100% from its lowest point in March 2020.  Not only as an investment haven, silver’s industrial consumption accounted for approximately half of world’s annual silver demand and in 2021 we saw that electric vehicles, solar and other green technologies as a driving factor for silver price growth.

Major silver companies have also seen the interest in silver reflected in their stock performance.  Since March 2020, Endeavour Silver has seen an almost 300% increase in stock price.  Endeavour Silver Corp., a mid-tier precious metals mining company listed on the NYSE:EXK and TSX:EDR  owns four high-grade, underground, silver-gold mines in Mexico. 

So what does this mean for investors? Another option worth considering is exploration silver stocks.  An Exploration Mining Company is defined as a company whose primary business is exploring, seeking to develop, or actively mining natural resource deposits.  Theoretically, the value of an exploration mining company should be based on, among many other things, the estimated value of metal that is buried in the grounds of their property, the level of certainty the company has of their estimate, as well the confidence that the market has on the ability of the company to follow through with their plans.

A  silver exploration company that investors should keep an eye on is Golden Tag Resources.

Golden Tag Resources, exploring the largest undeveloped silver asset in Mexico, is Making the Right Moves for Shareholder Value

Golden Tag Resources (TSX.V: GOG) (OTCQB: GTAGF) is a silver exploration company advancing the largest undeveloped silver asset in Mexico, the San Diego property, which happens to be located near Endeavour Silver’s active mines. 

The company has had an active beginning to 2022, completing their exploration drilling program and now, publishing results of their drills.  Most recently, in March, the company announced finding high grade silver in their drill holes, as quoted from their press release:

  • High-grade intersection of 1,095 g/t Ag.Eq over 0.6 metres (“m”) within the CSplay Zone, located ~ 75 m SW and 75 m vertically below similar results as published on February 15, 2022. The CSplay Zone has a minimum vertical strike length of 300 m and follow up drilling is being planned.
  • 541 g/t Ag.Eq over 1.66 m, within a broader interval of 166 g/t Ag.Eq over 10.15 m, in the Canta Zone.
  • Several other high-grade intersections, located close to surface, including 244 g/t Ag.Eq over 1.75 m, 182 g/t Ag.Eq over 2.00 m, 504 g/t Ag.Eq over 1.20 m, and 295 g/t Ag.Eq over 2.10 m.

Golden Tag is also very active on their social media, making sure that shareholders and new investors can keep a close eye on their progress.  Their Twitter account includes videos of their operations.

Disclaimer: The company described in this article is a customer of NAI Interactive Ltd. This material is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a recommendation or offer or solicitation for the purchase or sale of any securities or financial instruments, or for transactions involving any financial instrument or trading strategy.

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