A Closer Look at Mining Investment – Three Month Review Since Our GCFF Resource Investment Conference

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Published on: April 20, 2020
Author: Gilbert Chan

As part of our continuing coverage of the exciting mining investment sector, we are providing, in this article, a 3 month review of the mining companies that showcased at our recent GCFF Resource Investment Conference on January 18th, 2020.  Because of the COVID-19 situation, the market’s downturn has affected most of these junior mining companies.

  17-Jan 3 months Intra High
Company Ticker Price Price % Price %
Wheaton Precious Metals Corp. WPM 36.76 48 30.6% 49.1 33.6%
Braveheart Resources Inc. BHT 0.13 0.05 -61.5%
Kintavar Exploration Inc. KTR 0.125 0.09 -28.0% 0.135 8.0%
Geomega Resources Inc. GMA 0.185 0.165 -10.8% 0.2 8.1%
Trilogy Metals Inc. TMQ 3.27 2.09 -36.1%
Ascot Resources Ltd. AOT 0.78 0.74 -5.1% 0.87 11.5%
Lomiko Metals Inc. LMR 0.035 0.02 -42.9% 0.05 42.9%
EMX Royalty Corp. EMX 2.18 2.39 9.6% 2.77 27.1%
Jade Leader Corp. JADE 0.23 0.06 -73.9%
Rockcliff Metals Corp. RCLF 0.07 0.05 -28.6%
Search Minerals Inc. SMY 0.045 0.04 -11.1% 0.05 11.1%
xTra-Gold Resources Corp. XTG 0.54 0.48 -11.1% 0.65 20.4%
Regulus Resources Inc. REG 1.22 0.65 -46.7% 1.23 0.8%

The 2 Royalty streaming companies (WPM & EMX) have thrived despite the turmoil in the market and posted positive gains. They even broke their 52 week highs recently.

While most of these stocks did not show positive returns since the event, wise investors should note the overall market downturn as a potential cause.  It would be important to note that certain companies’ prices rose during the period (RE:Intra High Price) before coming back down now.

Ascot has shown some life as it recently published a positive pre-feasibility study on the Premier and Red Mountain gold projects.  The company has been oversold for a long time and started to rise along with the recent rising gold price also.

Regulus had a bad run in the past 3 months but now the company is more undervalued than it ever was.  When Peru reopens its economy, we will likely see more mineral exploration activities coming out of Regulus, and at that time, the company may catch more attention.

Gold seems to attract most of the capital in the market, while other metals like base metals may need to wait a bit before they return to the spotlight given the slowdown in the global economy.

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