Canada’s TGS is Breaking into the Global Esports Sector

Published on: December 14, 2020
Author: Mark Ollerton

The esports industry has grown rapidly over recent years in both viewing figures and revenue. The global esports market is currently valued at $950 million, with a global audience of over 500 million people.

The industry is expected for further increase in growth over the next 5 to 10 years, with such a large engaging audience with huge potential. As a result, eSporting events have been showing up around the globe at a rapid rate with gaming zones and stadiums set up to accommodate this audience.

Newzoo in their “Global esports Market Report” predicts that the esports annual growth rate by 2023 with be over 15% year on year with revenues over 1 billion. Over the last 5 years, global audience figures have grown dramatically around the globe with further growth anticipated.

The general esports awareness is increasing with more people learning about the sport, audiences are continually increasing with over 7 billion hours of live streaming in Q3 of 2020 alone. The demand for eSport tournament events and platforms is expected to increase dramatically which makes TGS Esports Inc an exciting investment. TGS Esports focus and vision has been to provide the best place to play and watch these increasingly popular esports.

As the market continues to adapt to the increased demands in esports, TGS Esports are sure to benefit and will be one to watch as the market shifts with technology. TGS Esports Inc (TSXV:TGS), at the time of writing this article, has stocks available at $0.175 with value increasing continually since October 2020.

TGS Esports Inc

TGS Esports Inc “The Gaming Stadium” (TGS), is an esports stadium that is located in Richmond, British Columbia. The Gaming Stadium is unique in that It is not just any gaming facility where gamers visit, play for a couple of hours at a station, and then leave. The TGS stadium is custom built from the ground up with one purpose in mind, which is to be the best place to play and watch your favorite esports in Canada.

Founded in 2018, TGS has quickly become one of the leaders in Canada to where people can watch esports events, training, and leagues. The Gaming Stadium offers many opportunities to get in front of an engaged audience both in person and through online broadcasts.

The Gaming Stadium is a community esports center that is open to players of all skill levels to watch and compete all year round. The stadium is open to all levels whether they are new to the sport or a multi-year veteran over many years.

Acquisition of Pepper Esports

The Gaming Stadium recently acquired Pepper Esports, a next-generation competitive esports platform. Pepper Esports is a leading esports platform provider that offers an advanced platform to create and manage communities of players, organizers, spectators, and sponsors, all in one place.

Pepper’s key technologies include its patent-pending AI engine, which automatically captures game data to create a tournament experience that extends beyond live gameplay and includes highly demanded features such as global leaderboards, player profiles and statistics, new tournament discovery, and digital wallets.

The Gaming Stadium now aims to provide gamers with an incredible and ultimate gaming experience by pairing the tools with the brands.

Acquisition of Volcanic Media

Volcanic Media is a leader in scholastic and grassroots Canadian esports, directly working with educators and school districts to encourage in-class activities. It is anticipated that around 200,000 new gamers will be directed to The Gaming Stadium through this acquisition with Volcanic Media. The Gaming Stadium now aims to make a centralized ecosystem that will be derived from the digital platforms as well as in-person engagement.

The Acquisition is the latest step in TGS corporate growth strategy and adds a scholastic division to the company with a focus on events, leagues, and in-class programs for High Schools and Post-Secondary Institutions. It is expected that Volcanic Media will utilize Pepper Esports Inc platform and TGS esports expertise to further the development of an all in one esports experience under the TGS banner.

The Stadium

TGS officially opened its doors in Richmond, BC in June 2019, with a stadium of 5500 square feet. The Gaming Stadium facility has the following features:

  • 5500 sq ft Stadium
  • 1500 sq ft Retail Store
  • 48 Custom Gaming PC’S
  • 12 PC Competition Stage
  • 150 Seat Viewing Area in Four Tier Bleacher Set-Up
  • Full Broadcast Capabilities
  • Custom Lighting and Audio Setup
  • Direct 10GB Fibre Internet Line

At the Gaming Stadium, they offer a wide range of activities for visiting gamers that include the following:

  • Tournaments
  • Social Gaming Events
  • Coaching and Training
  • Drop-ins
  • Viewing Parties

Since opening its doors in 2019, TGS has continued to grow in popularity with hosted events sold out immediately. The Gaming Stadium initially decided to host events leading up to the opening date to promote the opening.

In these events, TGS held its first League of Legends tournament with the event selling out almost immediately. Then 2 months later, TGS hosted a Fortnight tournament at their facility in which 120 participants entered. This competition sold out right away with an additional 6 teams added to the waiting list.

TGS has been a popular choice among the eSport audience and gamers in Canada. The company is now looking to expand further with expected growth plans for 2021, which includes new stadium locations nationwide across Canada and Internationally.

The company’s growth plans for 2021 include the following:

  • 15 Location Partnerships
  • Canada: 3-5 (British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario)
  • USA: 8-10 (Washington, California, Texas, East Coast)
  • Latin America: 1-2 (Mexico City)

TGS generates most of its revenue through the registration fees from these events with additional revenue from sales of merchandise, food, and corporate sponsorships.

The company promotes and broadcasts events and competitions through Twitch (The Gaming Stadium), TV, and radio. TGS has a full broadcast facility on-site at the stadium so viewers can catch the content in high-quality TGS hosts the only Canadian produced esports radio show that is named The Game Show. The show airs weekly on Rogers Sportsnet and keeps the gaming audience up to date in the field with interviews with professional eSport players.

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