Reopening Economy Poses Strong Opportunity for AirTest Technologies Stock

经济重新开放,为AirTest Technologies的股票带来强劲的机会
Published on: July 21, 2021
Author: Amy Liu

All over the globe, communities and businesses are starting to open up after prolonged economic shutdowns. But for many, the world they are returning to will look very different from what they left. Investors today should be looking for reopening economy stocks.

However, with post-pandemic change comes post-pandemic opportunity.

Companies like AirTest Technologies Inc. (TSXV: AAT) (OTC Pink: AATGF) (FSE: 71A) (WKN: A1JMFL) are helping businesses navigate their reopening plans with essential safety and efficiency technologies.

Restaurants Are Now Upgrading its HVAC Infrastructure as part of Reopening Economy

When the pandemic forced closures, few industries were as impacted as the restaurant industry. Business owners quickly had to pivot their operations with drive-thru, contactless delivery, and curbside pickup options to help keep their restaurants afloat.

With significant investment needed in other areas of their operations, many restaurant owners had to postpone planned upgrades and important maintenance projects. However, now that dining rooms are open for customers again, some restaurant operators face the reality that they quickly need to catch up on neglected repairs and efficiency improvements.

To help win back customers, many restaurant operators are focusing on their HVAC systems. Dinners want to feel safe when they return to indoor dining. HVAC systems can help reduce the spread of airborne viruses in indoor spaces – and the technology has been flying off shelves as restaurant operators scramble to upgrade their existing systems.

Upgrading their HVAC can also significantly improve energy efficiency. Overall, the HVAC can account for up to 40% of energy costs, and at a time where every dollar counts, the savings afforded by upgrading an older HVAC system is crucial to a business’s bottom line.

Grocery Stores Are Already Reducing Energy Consumption with Air Quality Monitoring Systems

The most significant source of energy use for large grocery stores is their commercial refrigeration systems. Refrigeration alone accounts for 40% to 60% of energy consumption. However, a report released by the EPA suggests refrigeration costs could be reduced by as much as 14% with an investment in high-efficiency data monitoring systems.

One of the largest grocery chains in the UK to invest in air quality monitoring technology has drastically decreased their energy costs at their refrigeration plants by reducing their energy use. Asda has reduced its energy consumption by 5 GWH over five years and reduced its C02 emissions by 1,100 metric tons.

Consumers Are Learning That Air Heating and Cooling Is A Heavy Contributor to Carbon Emissions

While most negative carbon attention has been focused on transportation, electricity, and agriculture, consumers are now turning their attention to heating and cooling systems.

According to a recent IEA report, approximately 20% of the energy used by buildings comes from heating and cooling. And with global air-conditioning use rapidly expanding into new markets, this number is projected to triple by 2050.

Today, many consumers recognize that their heating and cooling habits are drastically contributing to C02 and that the use of high-efficiency HVAC systems in commercial and residential buildings will be essential to combating climate change.

The Reopening Economy is an Opportunity for Airtest Technologies Inc.

AirTest Technologies Inc. (TSXV: AAT) (OTC Pink: AATGF) (FSE: 7IA) (WKN: A1JMFL) recently entered into a distribution agreement with Environ Applied HVAC Systems (Environ). Environ has extensive experience in HVAC system design and installation. The two companies have already worked together on several HVAC system quotes, including a large apartment complex in Arizona, a Phoenix fire station, and an elementary school.

In what could be a significant opportunity for both companies, AirTest and Environ completed an HVAC proposal for a large-scale indoor grow-op, which could lead to contracts for similar installations if successful.

In another recent development, AirTest has signed a consulting agreement with marketing and sales strategist Mr. Robin Shaffer. Based in San Francisco, Shaffer has extensive experience in promoting HVAC systems and will be supporting AirTests’ expansion into the California market where utility rates are high, and the ROI on their high-efficiency HVAC is very attractive to businesses.

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