Swiss Aviation Group launches Star Navigation ADS

Swiss Aviation Group launches Star Navigation ADS
Published on: Apr 6, 2022
Author: Amy Liu

Swiss Aviation Group announced it is launching Star Navigation’s STAR-A.D.S tracking and flight ops solution.  The solution generates GADSS tracking information, as required by ICAO from 2023, as well as flight ops feedback from the flight computer on several metrics, including fuel burn, and aircraft attitude.

To explain what this means for SAT Group, Malte Dollinger and Walter Schmidt spoke about the technology.  The reporting the system offers impacts the operator and provides a level of insight into operations that lessors and insurers have not had access to before.  In that regards such a solution de-risks airline and aircraft operations.  Which is a crucial feature commercial aviation needs as it emerges from the pandemic.

Watch the full video below or click on this link: 

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Source: AirInsight Group

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