This stock has gone up 5x since January! Airtest (TSXV:AAT) is Fighting Climate Change with Wireless HVAC Systems

Published on: December 2, 2020
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AirTest Technologies Inc. (TSXV: AAT) is a Green-Tech company specializing in sensors that allow commercial buildings to measure CO2 and manage ventilation, thereby reducing heating and cooling costs. Airtest has developed wireless sensors that change the economic paradigm for building owners resulting in tremendous energy and financial savings with rapid payback. AirTest offers its products to building owners, contractors and energy service companies targeting the buildings market. AirTest also provides energy cost reduction solutions to building equipment and controls manufacturers who incorporate AirTest sensor components in their products.

Investment Highlights

  • Recent Migration to Wireless sensors provides greater ROI for customers by virtually eliminating labour and material cost of wired sensors
  • With existing utility subsidies for this technology, payback period can now be as low as one year, resulting in growing adoption
  • Current high level of interest in proper ventilation of indoor spaces is leading to greater adoption of CO2 sensors


  • CO2 Sensors
  • CO Sensors
  • Combustible Sensors
  • Pressure Sensors
  • Chiller and RTU monitoring

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Recent Press Release

November 18, 2020 AirTest Provides Parking Garage Energy Saving Solution to Leading Apartment Developer

November 9, 2020 ATI AirTest Technologies Inc. Extends Placement Closing

October 28, 2020 AirTest Introduces Instant Reading Desktop CO2 Sensor to Verify Air Quality

October 20, 2020 Major Internet Retailer Significantly Reduces Energy with AirTest Garage Ventilation Control Products

October 13, 2020 AirTest Technologies Introduces Sensor Refrigerant Leak Sensor Targeting the Fast-Growing Market for VRF Heating and Cooling Systems

Airtest CEO Interview

Ted Konyi, Strategic Advisor to ATI Airtest Technologies Inc. (TSXV:AAT), opens up about the applications of the company’s new Wireless HVAC Sensor and Control Systems. Can this company help combat climate change through reducing energy usage? Will the technology’s air quality monitoring system lead to greater adoption of the company’s products? Learn how this small cap Canadian company is making big waves in the commercial building landscape and if investors should be paying attention.

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