Rich Geruson, NexOptic Chairman, Announces Optimization on Qualcomm Technologies’ Commercially Available Snapdragon Mobile Platforms

Published on: November 23, 2021

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Nov. 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — NexOptic Technology Corp. (“NexOptic” or the “Company”) (TSX VENTURE: NXO) (OTCQB: NXOPF) (FSE: E3O1), an innovator in cutting-edge patented and patent pending Artificial Intelligence (AI) announces it has recently completed the optimization of ALIIS™ for use with the latest Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. Reference Devices with participation from Qualcomm Technologies’ engineers.

This deep optimization with Snapdragon ® mobile platforms’ camera framework creates a new hybrid image signal processing pipeline, whereby NexOptic’s Aliis neural network technology provides advanced lighting improvement for real time video applications. NexOptic considers Qualcomm Technologies Reference Devices to be the ultimate demonstration kit for further showcasing Aliis to leading smartphone manufacturers.

NexOptic is a member of the Qualcomm ® Platform Solutions Ecosystem Program. As a Qualcomm Platform Solutions Ecosystem member, NexOptic receives support and advice from Snapdragon camera and artificial intelligence experts enabling the continued optimization of Aliis. NexOptic’s advanced AI solutions deliver superb imaging for high quality action video even in low light and enable more efficient data compression for streaming and storage. This relationship allows original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) practically turnkey access to NexOptic’s Aliis.

NexOptic delivers enhanced software feature-sets for camera functionalities on Snapdragon 888 and 778G 5G Mobile Platforms. NexOptic’s next-generation Aliis low-light technology for Snapdragon is fundamentally different from other low light solutions like Google’s Night Sight or Apple’s Night Mode and uses AI to transform video in real time. The Company continues to enhance its Aliis for Snapdragon solution and intends to expand the features available to Qualcomm Technologies’ far-reaching global customer base.

“With Qualcomm Technologies’ support, plus the power and ingenuity of their Snapdragon mobile platform, we’re now able to fully demonstrate the unprecedented use cases of Aliis to the smartphone companies we are currently in discussions with as well as those we will be meeting with in the future,” said Richard Geruson, Chairman of NexOptic. “By no means are we limited to Smartphone applications; working alongside Qualcomm Technologies has created a tremendous opportunity to showcase Aliis’ capabilities and the value it adds to all Snapdragon platform applications like automotive, mobile computing, wearables, industrial and commercial, and AR/VR.”

NexOptic and each OEM retains control over the choice to license this technology. The optimized version of Aliis significantly reduces the integration time for device makers creating a near immediate implementation of NexOptic’s state-of-the-art solutions for commercial devices incorporating Snapdragon platforms. Global OEMs requiring premium imaging enhancement now have direct access to NexOptic’s industry-leading machine learning imaging solutions optimized for use on leading Snapdragon mobile platforms.

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ALIIS™ in a Nutshell

Engineered for today and for the metaverse, ALIIS ™ (All Light Intelligent Imaging Solutions) is a machine-learning AI suite providing significant instant energy savings, advanced data compression and enhancements to images and videos everywhere from the edge to the cloud. Aliis enables faster shutter speeds, superior resolution and sharpness, reduced image-noise and motion-blur, and enhanced image color and detail. Aliis does all this while reducing media file size, making it ideal for the storage and streaming of image and video data. Additionally, Aliis provides a fundamental “AI for AI” layer that supercharges downstream AI application performance.

These patented and patent pending solutions can be integrated with imaging devices such as smartphones, smart security cameras, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, automotive platforms, medical imaging technologies, DSLR cameras and more.

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What You Need to Know About NexOptic

NexOptic is an innovative imaging AI company headquartered in Vancouver, Canada with operations in Seoul, South Korea, offering world-leading patented and patent pending AI solutions for energy savings, data compression and image and video enhancement known as ALIIS™ (All Light Intelligent Imaging Solutions). Aliis is engineered for today and for the metaverse and simultaneously influences the imaging and AI industries. NexOptic is a member of the Qualcomm ® Platform Solutions Ecosystem, a member of Qualcomm’s Advantage Network, a Preferred Partner in the NVIDIA Partner Network, and a member of the Arm ® AI Partner Program. For more information, visit .

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