GCFF Virtual Conference 2023 – Battery Metals Conference
(Asia Pacific)

GCFF Virtual Conference 2023 – Battery Metals Conference
(Asia Pacific)
Sep 28, 2023 Thur 9am - 11am HKT (Sep 27, 2023 Wed 6pm - 8pm PT )  

This event is for institutional investors and by invitation only.

As the world moves towards electrification, critical metals such as lithium, nickel, copper, cobalt and graphite, will be in greater demand in the long run. Forbes reports that by 2050, nickel demand will triple, copper demand will double, and lithium chemical demand will increase by 700%. This trend is driving transformation in the mining industry, as the world moves towards cleaner energy technologies. However, there is a significant gap between supply and demand for these materials, and industries, governments, and international organizations are exploring various approaches to close it, including expanding existing mines, developing new ones, and improving extraction efficiency.

In 2022, electric vehicles achieved yet another historic milestone as the annual sales volume surpassed 10 million, signifying a significant increase from the previous year's number of 6.8 million. 80% of the global EV sales volume was delivered by the Top 15 Automakers, including BYD, Tesla, VW Group, etc.

The Asian market provides excellent investment opportunities that investors should not overlook, especially with the increasing demand for battery metals. To take advantage of these opportunities, investors should keep up with the latest market trends and seek investment opportunities in materials that play essential roles in the energy transition.

The GCFF Virtual Conference 2023 – Battery Metals – Asia Pacific, a free webinar, will be held on Sep 28, 2023 HKT (Sep 27, 2023 PT) and will provide high net worth, corporate, and institutional investors with:

High level macro-economic analysis on the battery metals sector for 2023.

Understanding the opportunities presented by the battery metals companies such as lithium, copper, nickel and cobalt and graphite。

Hearing directly from CEOs about their projects.

Live simultaneous translations in Mandarin.


Who will be Watching?

In this Asia investor focused event, participating companies will have the benefit of presenting to the qualified investors in Asia who have strong interests in the battery metals sector. These investors will include high-net-worth individuals, institutional investors, private family offices or industrial corporate investor groups. This is an invitation-only event with the focus on regions including mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore.

This will be the perfect opportunity for companies in the battery metals sector to expand their presence with the growing number of investors in the Asia Pacific region.  If you are interested in attending this event as an investor, please contact us for more info.


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