GCFF Virtual Conference 2023 – Precious Metals Day

GCFF Virtual Conference 2023 – Precious Metals DayWednesday Nov 15, 2023 8:30am - 11:00am PT (11:30am - 2:00pm ET)

Live streaming starts at 8:30am PT (11:30am ET)

Historical trends indicate that precious metals tend to perform better during times of economic instability, as seen during events such as the mortgage crisis in 2008 and Brexit in 2016, which led to significant increases in gold prices. This trend has continued, with the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank in March 2023 causing a rapid rebound in gold prices, reaching a 12-month high in May. The recent Israel-Hamas Conflict has increased global uncertainties. On Oct 20 2023, gold futures traded to an intraday high of approximately $2008.

Simultaneously, silver has exhibited robust momentum in the market, with a remarkable surge of 28% from its lowest point of below $18 in Sep 2022 to its current price of $23. The price of silver is affected by its various industrial applications and anticipated supply deficits in the low-carbon transition.

Following the precious metals market closely might prove to be a wise decision for investors. Precious metals are hedges against geopolitical risk and inflation, which are significant for diversifying one's investment portfolio.

The GCFF Virtual Conference 2023: Precious Metals Day, a free webinar, will be held on Nov 15, 2023 and will provide investors with:

High level macro-economic analysis on the precious metals sector for 2023.

Understanding the opportunities presented by the precious metals companies such as gold, silver and PGMs.

Hearing directly from CEOs about their projects.

Keynote Speaker

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John Ing Photo

John Ing

President & CEO

Maison Placements Canada Inc.

John Ing is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Maison Placements Canada, an independent, Toronto-based investment dealer providing a comprehensive array of financial services to institutional investors and small to midsize corporate clients.


This event is suitable for the following:

Individual investors, private client brokers, financial institutions, buy & sell side analysts and journalists, Business and Economics major students.


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