GCFF Virtual Conference 2023 – Precious Metals Day

GCFF Virtual Conference 2023 – Precious Metals DayThursday July 13, 2023 9:00am - 12:00pm PT (12:00pm - 3:00pm ET)

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The US dollar is facing concerns over its potential long-term negative impact due to various economic factors such as bank failures, inflation, and recession. During periods of economic uncertainty, precious metals such as gold and silver become attractive investment options. Historical trends indicate that precious metals tend to perform better during times of economic instability, as seen during events such as the mortgage crisis in 2008 and Brexit in 2016, which led to significant increases in gold prices. This trend has continued, with the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank in early 2023 causing a rapid increase in gold prices, reaching a 4-week high.

Investors in North America have demonstrated significant interest in precious metals, with a $7 billion increase in imports of these metals from 2019 ($10 billion) to 2020 ($17 billion). An analysis by USA Today reports that imports of gold, silver, and other precious metals have surged during a time when many other sectors were experiencing decline. Despite the economic impact of COVID-19, statistics show that consumers in Canada and the United States have continued to purchase precious metals due to their historical resiliency. As such, exploring the precious metals market is a wise decision for investors as it offers unique protection against inflation and can aid in diversifying their investment portfolios.

The GCFF Virtual Conference 2023: Precious Metals Day, a free webinar, will be held on July 13, 2023 and will provide investors with:

High level macro-economic analysis on the precious metals sector for 2023.

Understanding the opportunities presented by the precious metals companies such as gold, silver and PGMs.

Hearing directly from CEOs about their projects.

This event is suitable for the following:

Individual investors, private client brokers, financial institutions, buy & sell-side analysts, and journalists.

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