GCFF Virtual 2024 – Green Energy & Precious Metals Conference

GCFF Virtual 2024 – Green Energy & Precious Metals ConferenceApr 18, 2024 Thur 9:30 am - 12:00 pm PT  (12:30 pm - 3:00 pm ET)  

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In 2024, decarbonization and achieving net zero emissions will remain a key theme and drivers for the energy industry. nuclear power is today’s second-largest source of low-carbon electricity generation after hydropower. The main fuel— uranium last year was already strong, and 2024 may usher in an even greater bull market.

As the second most abundant element in the universe after hydrogen, helium will be used more in 2024 to update technology in the medical field and cater to the production of AI chips and semiconductors. Helium is forecasted to trade within a range of $ 6.24 and $ 30.05. If it reaches the upper price target, HNT could increase by 388.79% and reach $ 30.05.

The public also favors precious metals represented by gold. Falling interest rates, expectations of interest rate cuts by the Federal Reserve, and the weakening of the US dollar have allowed gold to hit record highs repeatedly in 2024, already touching almost US$2,300 per ounce. Although the trend of silver prices is worse than that of gold, driving factors such as strong demand in the photovoltaic industry will further increase industrial demand for silver in 2024.

Keynote Speakers

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Brian Leni

Founder, Junior Stock Review

The incredible gains that can be made from tiny resource stocks drew me to the junior sector and I haven’t looked back. In 2013, as the resource market continued to decay from its highs in 2011, I made the bold decision to sell my family’s home and used 2/3 of the equity to invest in what I believed were the best junior companies in the sector. In 2016, I was rewarded for the extensive due diligence and courage I’d shown in the heart of the bear market – my portfolio rose 300%. This gave me the freedom to leave my career as an engineer in the steel industry and pursue investing full time.

This event is suitable for the following:

Individual investors, private client brokers, financial institutions, buy & sell side analysts and journalists, Business and Economics major students.

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