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Published on: October 30, 2020
Author: Fann Li

Remark Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: MARK) to present its recent updates and strategic plans at GCFF held at 12:20pm – 12:40pm PST (3:20pm – 3:40pm EST) on November 5, 2020.

Why you should be interested in investing in Remark:

  • Our platform suite provides for an exponential growth business model.
  • Our in-house AI technology adopted real-world applications and is currently taking off on all five continents.
  • Our 4.5% stake in Sharecare is worth more than our current market capitalization and we expect monetization soon.

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Our award winning AI-focused company is currently selling a platform solution into markets that are growing exponentially.

  • In China we currently have over $50 million of backlog with China Mobile to outfit their 17,800 retail outlets with our platform solution. We expect to complete 5,000 stores in 2020 with the remainder in 2021. As the Chinese economy recovers quickly, we expect to expand through this blue chip company’s vertical holdings and horizontal connections.
  • Our AI is transforming bank branches for China Construction Bank, one of the four major banks that form China’s financial backbone, from traditional bank branches into AI-powered Smart Branches. There are nearly 15,000 bank branches in China and another 200+ directly/indirectly invested institutions.
  • We are a strategic partner of CP Group, one of the largest conglomerates in the world with substantial holdings in Pingan (China) and Itochu (Japan) providing a platform for food and agricultural safety, banking, retail and digital health. Current customers include Lotus Supermarkets, FamilyMart and 7-Eleven. This strategic partnership allows us to leverage our platform rapidly into many new industries.
  • Finally, Intel (INTC) recently produced a commercial highlighting our Smart Kitchen solution as one of a number our AI Algorithms that is available in their AI box that they sell to their retail and enterprise customers.

The bottom line opportunity for Remark Holdings is our growth in each industry will populate and train our AI platform leading to even faster iterative expansion.

Remark Thermal has two main products: Thermal Kit and rPad.

  • The Thermal Kit and rPad’s primary functions include facial recognition (98.6% accuracy rate), mask detection in densely crowded public areas (96.8% accuracy rate), daily face-scanning access control for check-in and check-out, and non-contact auto temperature measurement on 120+ people/minute with an accuracy of ± 0.3 °C.
  • During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Remark’s AI thermal imaging systems provide solutions to identify individuals with higher than average skin temperatures and protect other individuals from possible infections. According to the CDC, fever is the earliest symptom of COVID-19.
  • Remark’s products are industrial grade and developed to efficiently and accurately detect individuals’ raised body temperatures being scanned, providing a first security layer. Remark’s products are currently in hotels, medical centers such as UMC, leading resort casinos in Las Vegas and Boston, leading sports franchise venues such as the Raiders, restaurants, and office buildings.
  • COVID-19 provided a spark for U.S. companies to adopt AI in their daily operations. It is the first time for some companies to rethink about their business model and realize the trend of increasing revenue and lowering costs through the adoption of AI-powered solutions.

We own 4.5% of the issued shares of privately held Sharecare Inc.

  • Sharecare is a digital health platform allowing individuals to aggregate, manage, and navigate their personal healthcare information so they could address all their healthcare needs in one place.
  • We anticipate that in the next six-weeks to six-months, Sharecare, with its current valuation and a favorable market for digital health care companies, could provide Remark a monetization opportunity surpassing Remark’s current market capitalization of 115 Million USD.
  • Sharecare compares very favorably with other public companies such as Livongo (LVGO, $15B market cap) and Amwell (AMWL, $7B market cap) in terms of revenue growth and bottom line profitability.

Please join us for our presentation and in the meantime, feel free to contact us at below if you have any questions.

Corporate Speaker: 

Fay Tian, Vice President of Investors Relation

Fay Tian is currently the Vice President of Investors Relation at Remark Holdings. Before joining Remark, she worked as Vice President of Investors Relation at China Minsheng Investment Group and held various senior positions in private equity funds and CITICS securities. Miss Tian received her bachelor of arts degree from Columbia University, majoring in Economics and Mathematics.

Contact Remark:

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Fay Tian
Vice President of Investor Relations
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